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Five Questions to Ask about a Franchisor's Training Program

So you have decided to operate a franchise.Now that you have decided to buy a franchise, make sure that you are pleased with the franchisor's training program.Ask questions to determine what will be expected of you and how you can be prosperous.Obviously there are going to be a lot of rules to follow since you are going to be operating under and in behalf of another already established business.But you feel confident that you will receive all of the necessary training.But wait, are you going into this blindly?Have you really asked the important questions?Below are five questions to ask a franchisor about their training program:

1.What commitments are required of me during training (travel, financial, time, etc)?

Training programs will vary from franchise to franchise.Many times, you will be required to travel to a place such as the company headquarters to take the franchisor's training program.Make sure that you are able to commit the time and resources to do this.Also consider that you may not be paid for your training time.

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