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Should you outsource web hosting lead generation?

When determining if you should outsource your web hosting and lead generation services, ask yourself the following two questions:

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Is customer service outsourcing really the best option?

Saving money is always on the mind of just about every business out there. Is customer service outsourcing a road you want to travel down? While you might outsource some things like order fulfillment, customer service outsourcing is a very different process. This is when you are taking your employees out of the contact and interaction they have with the customers and replacing them with a company that automates the process and will typically use call centers to satisfy the questions the customers have.

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Why international outsourcing is not always a smart financial move

handshakeoverflags32166713.jpgOutsourcing a portion of your business operations can be very appealing.Looking at the price that some international entities charge for what appear to be the same services, it seems like a no brainer; pay less by having a company in a different country handle some services for you.Some figures estimate the number of international employees hired by American companies to be more than 2 million in number.

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