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Best banks for business finance

There are a lot of banks for a business owner to choose from when they are in need of business financing. But what are some of the best banks for business finance? This article discusses several of the best banks for business finance.

Bank of America

Bank of America is a good choice for business finance for several reasons. Bank of America offers several different business checking accounts. Since businesses come in many different sizes it is great that Bank of America offers several different types of business checking accounts to accommodate different sizes of businesses. Bank of America offers a Business Advantage, Business Checking, Business Interest Checking, and Business Analyzed Checking account. A business owner can compare the differences of these checking accounts on Bank of America's website.

Bank of America also offers Business Check Cards. A business owner is able to deposits at an of the Bank of America Banking Centers and at many of Bank of America's ATMs. Business owners who use a Business Check Card from Bank of America can also make cash withdrawals and business purchases using the card. Since purchases that are made with this card are itemized each month, a business can easily track their spending.

Bank of America also offers business lines of credit, business loans, business leases, and SBA financing. They offer many different types of loans, leases, and lines of credit to help out a variety of business owners. With business lines of credit a business owner can get a business credit card or a premium creditline depending on what they need and what they qualify for. Bank of America offers Real Estate, Equipment, Vehicle, and Secured business loans. And SBA loans can be a great option for small businesses who may not qualify for other types of credit.


Chase offers a variety of business checking accounts for business owners. For example, they offer Chase BusinessClassic, Chace Advanced Business, Chase BusinessPlus, and Chase Non-Profit Business Classic checking accounts. Each checking account offers different things, so a business owner should take time to research to find out which Chase business checking account would work best for their business.

A great feature that Chase offers their business members is online banking. A business owner can pay any bills, do employees' direct deposit, etc, all electronically. This is a great time-saving feature. Chase also offers a variety of business lending options. They have business lines of credit, and overdraft line of credit, and business credit cards. Chase has Term loans, Real Estate financing, and Small Business Administration loans and lines of credit. Chase also offers True leases, TRAC leases, and Conditional Sales Agreements (CSA) to business owners.

Camden Nation Bank

Camden Nation Bank offers business owners business checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, business lending, and 24 hour, seven day a week banking. Camden National Bank has Business Checking I and Business Checking II, Attorney Financial Suite, Non-Profit Business NOW Account, One Business Solution, and Free Business Vantage Checking accounts. A business owner can quickly and easily compare the different checking accounts that Camden Nation Bank offers by using the checking account comparison chart that is located on Camden Nation Bank's website.

Camden Nation Bank also offers a variety of lending options to their business members. They offer business loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Lines of Credit, Letters of Credit, Merchant Services, Leasing, Business Credit Cards, Business Overdraft Protection, and Government Guaranteed Loan Programs. Business owners will still need to qualify to utilize these types of lending options.

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