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Great ways to work through a slump

recession19085238.jpg Are you struggling with your business and down sales? When your business seems to be in a slump, what can you do to get out of it? It's inevitable that your business will have a lot of great times but it's also going to have a lot of down times as well and you must learn how to deal with uncontrollable circumstances like this in order to give your business a chance at success. Here are some things you need to consider trying if you do have a business that is struggling:

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Putting together an Estate Plan

businessnegoations19314770.jpgMany people are concerned about what will happen to their assets and wealth once they pass away.Most people wish to control where that wealth goes.Some people leave everything to a spouse or their children, while others may wish to leave everything to their favorite charitable organization.Others wish to protect their pets that may survive them.Here is an overview of different estate planning options to consider when putting together an estate plan.

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Maximize social security benefits

plasticman19080372.jpgOne benefit to living in the United States is that the government collects money to be paid out to those people who have retired from their careers.The government has promised that those benefits will be available, at least for those in the baby boomer generation.While it may be difficult to live only on social security benefits, maximizing the use of the social security benefit can increase the amount received and decrease the amount of taxes paid by the retiree.Here are a few tips for maximizing social security benefits.

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Creating a cash reserve for your business

Starting your own business could very well be a lifelong dream come true.As a business owner, you have the freedom to do what you wish, when you wish.You are your own boss!But unfortunately, running your own business is no walk in the park.More than half of all new businesses started this year will be out of business by the same time next year.There is a lot of pressure when you are responsible for everything that happens at every level of your business.Naturally, finances are going to be a concern.Getting a strong financial start is essential to long-term business success.You must have a plan for where your money will come from, how you will save money, and where you will spend money.

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Using Air Mile Reward Programs to Reduce Travel Costs

Chances are, if you've ever flown in an airplane, stayed in a hotel, or rented a car, you've heard about air mile reward programs. Businesses and people who frequently travel can greatly reduce their travel costs simply by participating in air mile reward programs and then redeeming their points.

How do Air Mile Reward Programs Work?
Also called frequent flyer programs, these programs typically allow specific airline customers enrolled in the program to collect points, or "miles," for each flight. Generally, the longer the flight, the more miles are accrued. These miles add up, and once a certain number of miles are obtained, travelers can redeem their points for a number of things, such as free airplane tickets or access to travel lounges.
While it used to be you could only redeem your miles with a certain airline, many airlines have joined forces, allowing their customers to use their frequent flyer miles on a number of different airlines.

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