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How being organized saves your business money

Being organized can actually help save your business money.Read on for how organization translates into savings, along with ways that you can work on organization within your business and cut back on costs as you are doing so.

As a business, your money lies not only in the profits that you make through your products and your services, but also in the time that you and your employees spend working, along with the way that supplies are used within your business.Materials are money, but time is also.Becoming more effective as a business and using your resources wisely will both help you cut down on costs within your business.The less time that you and your employees have to spend on unnecessary tasks that are caused by a lack of organization-searching for files, looking for invoices, wasting time and putting off clients because important information can't be found-the more time you can spend on actually turning a profit.

So it's time for you to look carefully at your business.Where is organization sloppy?Ask each employee to write down how much time they spend each day on each and every task.(This should probably be anonymous so that employees don't feel threatened!)Then gather all of the responses and look carefully at how long people spend on unnecessary and inefficient activities.This is where you can start improving your organization and also saving money.For example: are all of your storage rooms adequately stocked with back-up printer paper and copier paper?If they aren't, then every time the printer runs out of paper, someone in your business has to run to the store to purchase more paper.A waste of time, and a waste of resources (you could be buying in bulk).

So the first step is to look carefully at where you are spending your time and where organization can help you cut down on unnecessary tasks.Here are some other tips that can help you become more organized.

1.Invest your time where it is needed most

In every business, you have to spend a significant amount of time on tasks that are the primary cause of your business-bookkeeping, ordering supplies, paying bills, etc.But look at what the primary focus of your business is, and where you and each of your employees is the strongest.Make sure that you and each employee spends at least 60 to 70% of their time on that task-whether it's organizing the warehouse, stocking shelves, talking to clients, finding new clients, or marketing.Create a plan for each day, and then follow that plan.

2.Keep your financial and tax files updated

Every year, store the previous year's files somewhere outside of your office.This will keep your old files accessible, and will give you room for your new files without the possibility of mixing them up with previous files. Keep all tax files and appropriate documentation for six years.Organize all of your files in file boxes and make sure that the documents themselves are organized according to a system that is coherent throughout your filing system.This can be alphabetically, in certain file folders, or through color coding.

3.Organize your online file folders
Your computer based documents should be organized according to the same system that your business and your hard files are organized.This will make it easier for you and your employees to find information and to compare digitally stored information with hard copies.

4.Order supplies before they are needed

Keep careful tabs on all of your office supplies, along with your inventory (if you are that type of business).Order new supplies before your old ones run out.This will ensure that there is no gap between when you need supplies and when you actually get them.This will also save you money because you won't have to purchase smaller orders to cover yourself until your larger order comes in.

5.Clean up your desk

Just the appearance of a clean desk will make you feel more organized and more efficient.A clean and uncluttered desk will help you mentally focus on the tasks that are at hand and will help you cut down on time spent searching for things.

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