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How to cut down on paper costs at work

People have been talking about cutting down on the use of paper for a long time to save the environment.However, another important reason for business people to cut down on paper at work is because of paper costs!Using a lot of paper can get very expensive in a business.No matter what kind of business that you are in, there is no doubt that you use a lot of paper - computer paper, Xeroxes, memos, sticky notes, note pads, etc.If you want to cut down on paper costs at work, here are a couple of things that you can do:

  • Send memos online:One of the great ways that you can cut down on paper costs at work is by sending memos and important announcements online.These memos could come in the form of an email or an attachment, such as a PDF file.If you have to scan an article or report for people to read, include that in a PDF file as well.Encourage your employees to read things online instead of simply printing them out and then reading them.This way, you will not waste as much money on paper (and waste paper itself!) by keeping all of the written inter-office communication on the computer.
  • - Buy discounted paper:Another way that you can cut down on paper costs at work is by purchasing discounted paper.This might not be the high quality paper that you are used to having in your office, but it will be cheaper than and just as functional as the more expensive paper!
  • - Try to do business online with clients:Another way that you can cut down paper costs at work is by doing business online with clients.You can save a lot of money by not sending out paper mailings to your clients.Instead, see if there is an email address that you can use for contacting clients in a company.Not only will this save you money on paper, but you often will get a faster response from clients when you communicate through email!
  • - Store things on the computer:Another way that you can cut down on paper costs at work (perhaps without even realizing it!) is to store things on your computer instead of in a filing cabinet.If you have a filing cabinet, then you will be tempted to use more paper so that you can save a hard copy.However, if you decide to store things on your computer instead, then you won't have to deal with the hassle of paper and filing cabinets!Besides, sometimes it is easier to find things on a computer than it is to go through a whole bunch of manila envelopes!
  • - Print paper on both sides:There are some things that you will need to print out on your computer, and this is inevitable!However, you can set your computer to print things out two-sided, so that you will be able to save paper this way.It is also suggested that you only have one printer in each area workspace, which will discourage employees for printing out every single thing they think of, because of the hassle it will take of walking over to the printer!

Saving paper is very important, not only for the environment but also for your wallet!Take the time to train your employees on how to cut back on paper costs, so that everyone in your office will work towards this new goal!If everyone in the office works together on this, then you will be able to cut back on paper costs dramatically.Good luck in cutting down on paper costs at work!

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