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Using leasing as a way to run your business with less debt

If you are just starting your business and trying to find a way to finance it, leasing can save your business a lot of money. Leasing is a great way to run your business with less debt. Leasing is borrowing the equipment and machinery you need to get your business started without having the required money to start it in the beginning.

Equipment leasing is a great way to run your business with less debt. Equipment leases allows you access to many types of equipment i.e.; computers, copiers, fax machines, cars, fixtures, and office furniture without having the allotted cash up front or using business credit cards. Even though leasing doesn't bring in cash, it does reduce the amount of cash you have to raise. For the short term, leasing is an excellent solution to gaining what you need now. In the long run, leasing does cost more than buying, but if you need to run your business now, this is a great alternative.

Along with obtaining the equipment you need leasing allows for your company to save on ongoing costs such as maintenance repairs and upgrades. Many companies also use factoring. Factoring is usually aimed at a new business or a running a business with less debt. If you are starting a new business, factoring is a great way to keep cash flow steady to keep your business afloat.

How does factoring work?

Basically factoring involves settling the debts you owe on your invoices to a factoring company. This is why many companies who are looking to reduce debt try out factoring. The company receives money within 24 to 48 hours instead of waiting on the invoice to be paid by their customer.

Key points to remember when leasing.

Before you go out and start leasing your entire business, you need to think through a few things first.


  • Have a plan. Before you start your business and looking for the necessary funding, make sure your business plan is realistic and well planned.

  • - Take on risk. When you are starting a business, leasing companies and lending companies in general like to see that you are taking on some of the risk yourself. It is comforting for the lender to know they are not the only one at the risk of losing their investment.

  • - Spread your debt. It is never a good idea to keep all you debt with one source. Spreading your debt around evenly by forming partnerships shows you are looking for other sources of financial gain for the business.

  • - Get help. If you start to see your business run into financial problems, look for help in running your business. This is why leasing is such a great way to help a struggling business. If your creditors have stake in your business, they too will look for ways to help you get out of trouble.

  • - Never give up. Always have a good future plan in mind when running your business. Leasing is a temporary fix to a long-term solution. Plan out your finances and make sure you can pay the monthly payments before you lease out your business.

Leasing is a smart way to start running your business without venture capital and bank financing. Usually leasing has low monthly payments and helps a business have a stronger cash flow by cutting the cost they would normally pay on equipment or machinery.

Starting a company from the ground and building it into a leader takes a lot of work. You will need a smart business plan with the right leaders, ideas, materials and equipment. Leasing is a great way to start off on the right foot. If done right, leasing can help companies reduce debt and accelerate growth.

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