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What you need to legally do in order to hold employee taxes from their checks

When you pay your employees you will have to withhold some money for taxes.You can't just take the money and put it away somewhere.There are steps that you have to follow to make sure you a legally withholding their taxes.The first step when hiring a new employee would be to get them to fill out a W-4 form, this form comes from the United Stated Internal Revenue service.

Every business is required to withhold taxes from their employees. For a business the withholding of taxes is the way the business pays some of their taxes each year.Each withholding is a prepayment of taxes that the business will owe. Deducting taxes from employees is the government's way of making sure that taxes are paid.Every year when employees file their taxes they will have a chance to get a refund for taxes that were paid the whole year.

The W-4 form indicates how much money the employee would like to be withheld from their pay checks.Every one that is getting paid needs to fill out one of these forms.The employee will indicate what withholding will apply to them when they file their taxes the next year.As an employer you should know how to fill out the W-4 forms because at time they can be confusing for people.

The withholding of taxes will depend on several different things.Such as:
1) Marital status of the tax payer.This adds a dependent onto your tax return.Less money will be taken from your check because you are supporting someone other then yourself.
2) The number of children the taxpayer has
3) Additional amounts of money that tax payer wants to withhold.

After a whole calendar year has passed you as an employer will be responsible for submitting the W-2 form that you will get from the United States income tax system.The W-2 form is what the employer will use to file their taxes for that year.The tax year begins January 1, and ends Dec 31.You will need to send this form out to your employees by January 31, this will give the tax payer 2 ½ months to file there taxes.Taxes are supposed to be filed by April 15.

By helping your employees to fill their forms out correctly and supplying them with the W-4 form, they will be safe from tax evasion.Tax evasion is when a person does not pay their taxes.When a person does not pay their taxes they are illegally holding money from the United States Government.This crime is punishable by law, and an individual can be fined or imprisoned.As an employer you should know the laws and help your employees to obey them.If the employee is paid and it is not documented you could be doing an illegal act.

Its not a hard and long process to with hold taxes from your employees.Make sure that every employee has their own file, an be sure to file your files correctly.Keep all W-4 forms in the employees file to avoid misunderstanding when withholding taxes.Work with your employees to make sure everything is done correctly; this is the best way to avoid any criminal/illegal actions.

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