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How to find the right plant to manufacture your product

contract30901439.jpgIf you are a small business looking to outsource, it can be difficult to find the right plant. There will be several choices available, but it is crucial to avoid using a sweatshop. Keep in mind that if you end up using a sweatshop, to make your product, if word gets out, it can do a lot of damage to your business. The problem begins with the fact that is many small companies, who are looking for a manufacturing plant; don't know what to look for. Because of the fact that it can be difficult to choose a good manufacturing company, they end up getting a sweatshop by mistake. If you are looking for a manufacturing plant to produce your product there are steps you will need to follow, in order to ensure that you are choosing a good manufacturing plant.

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How to get anyone's address


The following are the methods you could use to get anyone's address:

  1. Search online: Sometimes if you Google someone, or use another search tool online you can find a person's address simply by typing their name into a search. Now the problem with this is that there may be more than one person with the same name. Also, this does not always guarantee results, however, it is a good place to start.
  2. Software Programs: Another option is purchasing one of those software programs that claims to allow you into databases all over the world to assist you in locating missing persons, finding lost relatives, or obtaining addresses and other contact information of the person of your choice. There are a lot of them out there, and some are legitimate and can truly help you find the information you need by skimming and linking you to thousands of public record databases. Read reviews, look for guarantees, and find one that is for real before spending your money.
  3. Ask your HR department: If the address of the person you are looking for is on file in your building because they have either applied, or previously worked, or even currently work there, you can ask the HR department. The HR department may or may not be able to disclose that information to you, it really depends on why you need it. However, if you know any other past employment, you can check there as well.
  4. The DMV: The department of motor vehicles has addresses on file for anyone with a driver's license or ID card. So, if the person you are looking for has a driver's license or ID you can contact the DMV, or search their records to get it.
  5. Access Public Records: Like the DMV, there are other public records that can help you find someone's address. You can go to the county and city buildings and gain access to a lot of public information including lists of registered voters with names and addresses etc. You just have to know where to look and ask.

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