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Third party versus original manufacturing

When you are seeking to save money what are some of the areas where you look? Do you focus on cutting costs on your production process or do you look into cutting employees and other resources? One area where you may be able to save money is by comparing the costs of third party manufacturing to original manufacturing.

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What is Flexible manufacturing?

Flexible manufacturing is also referred to as flexible manufacturing system or FMS. This is a type of manufacturing system that allows for some flexibility during production. If you are considering using flexible manufacturing, the first step is to clearly determine what the system entails.

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Just In Time manufacturing

In order to keep up with customer demands, manufacturers are turning to shorter cycle times. With all of the added pressure to have shorter cycle times, manufacturers are putting additional pressure on their equipment and on their suppliers. Many manufacturers have found that holding inventory, ties up their cash reserves, and they actually lose more money than they make. This is because inventory forces businesses to find a warehouse, to house the inventory, not to mention the cost of delivery to and from the warehouse. These companies have found that a smart way to gain control of their inventory is to implement just-in-time manufacturing.

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