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What is cellular manufacturing?

discussion8075165.jpgCellular manufacturing is usually called lean manufacturing and it is a great way to improve efficiency and to make sure all the products you produce flow through the company without defects and other problems. Cellular manufacturing focuses on reducing delays in the production process. Eliminating waste is one of the main goals of cellular manufacturing and it will allow you to reduce customer's waiting times, manufacturing delays, and other problems that cause you to lose money.

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Industry or market research for manufacturing

microscope19045878.jpg Whether your business is involved in the service industry or if you are a manufacturing company, you need to me sure that you conduct industry research and market research so that you can ensure that you are giving your customers what they want so that you can have a successful business.Many manufacturing companies don't participate in market research and industry research to the same degree as service industries, but if you do not conduct market research, then you run the very real risk of becoming quickly outdated and not knowing what the customers want, what the customers like, and how you can provide those needs and wants.

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