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Lean manufacturing techniques pros and cons

Lean manufacturing is when a company is trying to use less of everything in the production of their goods compared to the mass production.In other words it is a way to help companies reduce the amount of waste they use and achieve their targeted productivity by introduction some different tools and techniques.This includes using less human effort, less manufacturing space, and less investment tools to develop a new product.Although lean manufacturing is fast becoming the latest fad in the twenty first century, there are some pros and cons to the lean manufacturing techniques to consider before implementing them in your company.

Lean Manufacturing Pros
- Lean manufacturing minimizes the overhead fixed cost to thirty percent.It also reduces operational costs, targets to boost restore and raise the competitiveness of a company.
- Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate most if not all forms of waste.
- Many experts claim that by implementing lean manufacturing techniques and strategies reduce the manufacturing time.
- As manufacturing lead time is lowered, it is the hope that the operational costs incurred from the use of energy will also be significantly reduced.
- Lean manufacturing helps companies maintain and increase their profits and earning.It also helps them generate a little more savings as the costs are lower.
- As lean manufacturing tries to eliminate wasted space, this proves to be an advantage to implementing it within your company.Workspace is one of the primary factors that keeps companies running smoothly and effectively.
- Experts have estimated that if lean manufacturing techniques are adopted correctly, it will help companies reduce the requirement for physical floor space by about five to thirty percent.

- Each one of these increases your company's efficiency and savings.
- Companies that are turning to lean manufacturing techniques are significantly increasing their productivity by as much as eighty percent.
- Unnecessary objects, wastes, and behaviors are being eliminated and productivity is increased because of it.
- With few interruptions and distractions, productivity is maximized making lean manufacturing a must if you want to achieve your goals.
- Elimination of wastes will ultimately raise your earnings and profits within the company.What business owner does not want that?
- With the elimination of wastes the relationship among customers improves as does the product and services offered to them.
- With lean manufacturing cultures become standardized and unwanted behaviors of employees and management are for the most part gone.This creates a more pleasant work environment.

Lean Manufacturing Cons
- In order to make lean manufacturing completely successful you must have the support of everyone from employees to upper management.This can sometimes be difficult to attain as some people do not take well to change.
- When you are trying to implement lean manufacturing you must have leaders within your company that can direct teams.These must be people with a good rapport and are well liked with employees as well as management.As is the case with all businesses, there are personality clashes and sometimes it is hard to get people to follow and take orders from their co-workers.
- Training for lean manufacturing is a constant ongoing process, and when first starting out it takes a lot of time and effort on everyone's part.You may find that employees get sick of all the "new stuff" and just want to go back to how things were, or you yourself might get tired of everything.

The advantages definitely out weigh the disadvantages when it comes to lean manufacturing techniques, but it really depends on how you want your company to run.Weigh out all the options before deciding what is best for your company.

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