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5 keys to marketing to DINKs

When you own a business one of the greatest concerns that weigh on your mind is how to get your product or service out on the market.And there are always so many variables when marketing a product.You have to consider the specific group you're marketing to, be it teens, baby boomers, yuppies, soccer moms, or DINKs.Each group will respond differently to your marketing strategies, so it is important to be aware of the demographics and characteristics of each group.The focus of this article will be marketing to DINKs.We will first explain exactly what a DINK is, and then discuss five keys to marketing to them.

Knowing the kind of people that you're marketing to is a key to successful marketing.So let's find out exactly what a DINK is.

1. Innovators: since DINKs usually have quite a bit of disposable income, they can afford to be the first ones to try out a wide variety of new technology.They aren't afraid to experiment with new things.

The life of a DINK can be a shallow one (no offence intended to any of you who may be DINKs) since their lives can often revolve solely around themselves.DINKs are an interesting part of society since they will never know the joy, and sometimes hassles, that come with raising children.The number of DINKs in American has been steadily on the rise in that past years.There are several factors that may contribute to this:

1. Feminism which encourages women to work rather than have children.
2. Pop-culture which encourages people to succumb to their own desires rather than traditional responsibilities.
3. The end of the "family wage" which makes it more difficult for a middle-class family to survive on only one income.

This is not to say that being a DINK is a bad thing.DINKs may be young and newly married, and just haven't started their family yet.DINKs may also be in his/her 40s and have a large house, luxury vehicles and lots of expensive toys.Or DINKs could be retirement aged adults whose children have simply left the nest as they've gotten married or moved out. Many DINKs devote their spare time to service projects, religious groups, or community politics.

So now that you know some of the characteristics of a DINK, we can start our discussion of the five keys things to remember when marketing to a DINK.

2. Luxury items: since DINKs are usually relatively affluent, they are a prime target for marketing luxury items.They are often targeted for luxury cars and gourmet food.
3. Spare time: since DINKs do not have any children, they often have a bit more leisure time than the average couple their age.So they are the perfect target for products or services that may be centered on leisure activities.
4. Travel: due to the fact that DINKs are not tied down by children, they are the often eager for occasions to travel.This may be through travel agencies, cruises, or special promotions.Either way, DINKs are prime targets for travel services.
5. Varying Ages: remember that DINKs may vary in ages.They can be young and fresh into the work force, or retired.Whatever your product or service is, be sure to market it in a way that can apply to DINKs of all ages.
The acronym DINK stands for "Double Income No Kids."This means that DINKs probably have plenty of disposable income, allowing the couple to "live it up" as much as they want, with no little children to tend at 3 o'clock in the morning.It can also mean that the couple can sleep in until 11:30 on Saturdays, have lunch at their country club, followed by a show or a lobster dinner, or whatever else tickles their fancy.

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