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Here are some tips for choosing a sales motivational speaker.

Here are some tips for choosing a sales motivational speaker. In order to choose the right motivational speaker, there are five steps you can follow. The reason it is important to find the right sales motivational speaker is because, the right speaker can create a stronger sales team.

Using these fives steps will help you sift through the many motivational speakers to the one that will be able to do the job you need.

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What is a positioning statement and why do you need one?


A positioning statement defines who you are and what direction you are headed in. For an individual this may be who they want to become, and for a business this is the focus and purpose of why they are a business. A positioning statement is also referred to as an, "Elevator Speech."

A positioning statement is going to clearly define your purpose to your employees, your competitors, and your consumers. It is going to be clear and to the point and answer to your listeners why you are unique in the field or market you are in. You positioning statement needn't be a slogan or a catchy rhyme that will help people to remember you through silly phrases, but rather it needs be purposeful and to the point so people not only remember who you are but what your goals are and what you feel you can accomplish.

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