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Creating an internet marketing plan in five steps


When creating an internet marketing plan what you are creating does not need to be complicated, in fact, with an internet marketing plan the simpler it is the better. You want to keep your internet marketing plan simple because it will allow you to easily see what you are supposed to be doing when marketing your product, but it will also allow you to track what tactics are working and what is not.

Here are five steps to follow to help you create a simple internet marketing plan that works.

Step one:

You need to determine who your ideal customer is going to be, also called your target customer. When determining who your ideal customer is going to be you are going to want to define everything about what you want in a customer. You are going to want to include small details like how old your perfect customer is going to be and whether they are males or females. You are also going to want to include other information such as their yearly income, plus what type of job they are going to have. This should only be done if you have never created a marketing plan for your business before. If you already have a marketing plan in place but are making changes to adapt your marketing to the internet you can simple input your previous information.

Step two:

Now you will need to determine where you are going to place your ads on the internet. When placing your ads on the internet you are going to want to use more than one website because it will increase the exposure that your advertisements are receiving. You are not going to want to use any old website that you run across; you are going to want to evaluate each website that you are considering using to ensure that meet certain standards. Some of the things that you want to look for when choosing websites to place your ads on are the amount of traffic the website receives, what kind of ads are currently being placed on the website and the quality of those ads. You will also need to determine what internet marketing tactics you plan on using or that you want to use.

Step three:

You will need to create a budget for your marketing plan. Creating the budget now instead of before is a good idea because it allows you to look at the costs involved realistically. The only way that you can realistically figure the costs involved with your marketing plan is to plan on what marketing tactics you plan on using and then create your budget. Once you determine about how much you can spend on internet marketing you want to go back and look at all of the tactics that you have considered for your internet marketing and choose the tactics that will work within your budget, try choosing at least five tactics to use so that you can increase the exposure.

Step four:

You will need to create the content of your ads. Know that you know where you are placing the ads you will need to determine what to put inside the ads so that they stand out for your customers to see. When creating your ads it is a good idea to only focus on one or two things in your ads, so that you do not overwhelm your customers. If you have a variety of products that you are selling, create different ads for your top selling products only.

Step five:

You are going to need to track each of your internet marketing tactics to ensure that they are performing as desired. Some of the methods that you can use for tracking your ads are to use specific sales codes or coupons for each ad placement or you can use a service that is designed to track your ad activity. If things aren't working, you will need to make some adjustments.

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