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Creating An Online Marketing System That Actually Works!

I wrote this simple little report to do one thing: Help you make money online. You may be brand new to internet marketing and wondering how to start, or you may be an internet marketing veteran with some degree of success.

Either way, you have probably encountered the numerous lies thrown your way, disguised as "promises," that guarantee you $1000 per day, or $250 000 per year, with little or no work necessary on your part.

Let me be the first to tell you: It doesn't work that way. Honestly, you can buy all the ebooks, special reports, and website memberships you want, but most of those projects and programs do not tell you what you need to succeed online. The secret is this:

You need a business system that works for you.

It really is that simple. If you have a business system, you can market almost anything and be profitable with it. Without a business system, though, it will be hard to be profitable.

Let me make two related points. First, you can buy any internet marketing guru's courses or books, and they will teach you the importance of building a website and an opt-in list, but most will not teach you how to do that. Second, you can buy into residual income programs that promise great reward, but unless you can market those programs, they will go nowhere.

Please note that two paragraphs above I wrote about being profitable. I did not use the phrase "get rich" or any other hype-filled phrase. There is a difference between "getting rich" (usually associated with "quick") and "being profitable."

A simple example is this: If you spam 1 million people for a product that you make $10 from, and 1 percent responds with a purchase, you make a "quick" $100 000 (10 000 people x $10). You have "gotten rich quick." But in the process you have probably alienated potential long-term customers and an internet service provider, all of whom do not appreciate your spam.

However, if you market affiliate products, you may have these related costs: $25 per month for website hosting, $25 per month for your autoresponder, and $50 per month for your advertising, totalling $100. That is, it costs you $100 a month to be in business.

Suppose you market a product that gives you a $15 commission for each sale. You need to sell seven products each month to break even, and then you are in profit. If you sell twenty products each month, you are profitable by $200 per month (20 x $15 = $300 - $100 operating costs = $200 profit).

A profit of only $200 per month may not sound like much to you (especially if you have visions of firing your boss!), but you can then reinvest your profits and grow your business. Or, you can be comfortable with your business the way it is, and invest your profits into a new website that sells or markets a different product.

The idea is to have multiple streams of income. Again, $200 per month may not seem like a lot, but what if you had 15 sites or programs bringing in $200 each? You would be profitable by $3000 each month! Three thousand dollars is a large profit to reap from one site or program, but with multiple streams of income, it is quite possible to bring in this much, or more, every month.

Here are the simple steps to creating a business system that works for you:

1. A product
2. A website
3. An autoresponder
4. A marketing or advertising system

Visit or send a blank email to bizsystem@a... for more detailed information on how to create an online marketing system that works.

Jeremy M. Hoover is a content writer who can meet your content needs for newsletter, autoresponder course, and website content. Email him at jeremyhoover@y... (subject = WRITE_MY_CONTENT) for more information.

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