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Free and Low Cost Website Promoting Tools

Finding free and/or low cost website advertising can be a difficult task.

If you search the internet however you will discover there are several free and low cost tools available to you.

Listed here are some free and low cost techniques for increasing your website traffic.

1. Free Traffic Exchanges Can bring plenty of visitors to your website. They are set up so that your browser opens to a webpage on the exchange. In return, your webpage appears when another members opens their browser. Most offer there is the option of surfing for more credits on the exchange. Visit to see how this can be a powerful tool for promoting your website.

2. Free Submission Software can also help spread the wordabout your website. Visit to submit your website to Search Engines, Message Boards, FFA Pages and Free Classifieds Sites.

3. Free Banner Exchanges offer banner views on a network of sites just by placing their banner code on your website. When a banner is viewed on your webpage, your banner appears on another members webpage. Visit for an example of a banner exchange.

4. Free Text Link Exchanges offer text links to your website on a network of other sites if you place their link code on your website. These work similar to banner exchanges. Try

5. Free Popups can offer you the opportunity to earn some money from your website traffic. Typically they will pay up to $1.50 or more per thousand views. Visit to see about earning money from your existing traffic.

6. Free Exit Exchanges offer you free visitors in the form of an exit pop by placing their exit code on your webpage.

7. Free PC Desktop Ads is a rather unique system for generating free visits to your website. Download their software onto your PC Desktop. Each time there is a pause of activity on your console, an ad pops up. You close the window and another ad pops only when there is a pause of activity. Its pretty jiffy and works on an exchange system. You will love how this works. Visit for details.

8. Free Directories/ PPC Search Engines/Free Classifieds can offer you free or fairly inexpensive targeted traffic. Visit and or

9. FREE Articles/Free Ezine Adverising can also be a means to help build traffic to your website. By writing informative articles and submitting them to ezine authors and website publishers you can mention your website information in the About the Author Section. You can freely submit your articles for possible publication in such places as or or Try for ezines that accept article submissions or offer free advertising.

10. Free Leads This Site will help bring you free contacts interested in internet opportunities.

11. Free Self Replicating Advertising Sites These free sites spread advertisements like a virus. You review other sites then place your ad. For Details have a look at these two

12. Free Viral Marketing Article You are welcome to replace the links on this article with your affiliate links and distribute it freely just keep the Author's by line at the bottom unchanged.

by Robert P. Williams copyright 2004
About The Author: Robert Williams owns a free website designed to help others realize an online income at No Cost. Come use over 100,000 Free Resources for Website Promoting at robert@c... Link To Us at:

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