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Getting the most out of advertising campaigns for your dollar

buisnessmeeting26238539.jpgAre you seeking the attention of your niche market? It seems that in today's world the consumers have all the control and it can take you months in order to acquire the leverage you need with your niche market in order to generate the publicity and sales you need. This article will teach you how to get the most out of your advertising campaign for your dollar.

Generate leads
Perhaps one of the best ways to earn the money you deserve from advertising is by generating leads. You need to focus on generating leads as this is one of the best ways to convert sales. You know you need leads, now where can you find them? The best leads are going to come through your existing customers. There is already a level of trust established with your existing customers so it is easy for them to spread the word to their friends about your company. Create a marketing campaign that focuses on spreading the word to your existing customers. Take a lesson from companies like DirecTV and their referral campaign. They offer each of their existing customers $100 if they are able to refer friends that sign up for an account. You should consider doing this if you want to generate new leads. It's a great way to attract attention for your company and to boost your sales. Even if you cannot offer money to your existing customers for referrals, you need to consider other benefits you have such as discounts on their next order or offering a free product. The great thing about referral campaigns is that it not only helps you generate leads, it helps you to build stronger relationships with your existing customers. Once you have the new leads, act on them quickly. By the time you actually get the referrals, people may have lost interest so you need to hurry and contact these individuals in order to gain a response from them.

Deliver the right message
In order to get people to pay attention to your advertising campaign, you must be able to target them correctly. This means you need to use action words or pictures that not only build your brand but inspire customers to do something. When a person sees your ad they need to feel compelled to call your company, visit your website, or do something. As you see the response to the ads, you will be able to track their effectiveness and determine if your advertising campaign is actually working.

Cooperate with others

Never look at your competitors as your enemies, many of them can provide you with a great opportunity to reach out to a new audience. Learn how to build relationships with your competition as you can do a combo-run with some products or you can even help one another when it comes to advertising. Negotiate with your competitors to come up with radio spots and other things that help to benefit both companies so you can both take away a little bit of the niche market.

Focus on PR
In order to build a great advertising and marketing campaign, you need to take a look at your existing PR methods, are they working? Are you sending out press releases weekly or do you only send them when you have something exciting to say? Is the press release engaging? Since editors will spend less than 5 seconds on a press release, you need to make sure it captures their attention immediately if you are going to capitalize on them. Send out press releases when you have something exciting to announce instead of every single time when you are in need of a news story. Flooding the reporters with too many press releases will cause them to avoid you and toss out your press release.

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