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How internet marketing has changed


When internet marketing was first introduced, all that it consisted of was your company having a website. Most businesses back then didn't even have the knowledge to design their own website so you probably had to pay somebody to design your website, which was most likely your IT person. Today internet marketing has changed drastically it now entails a lot more than just a simple website.

Here are some of the ways that internet marketing has changed.

Number one: No more do it yourself

You now need to pay a professional web designer to design your website because you need to make sure that your website is standing out from your competitors. You also need to have a quality website because chances are that your potential customers are going to judge your business based on the quality of your website. If you design the website yourself, chances are you will use free templates that everybody else is using, so your website will appear generic instead of unique. Today your potential customers expect you to have a website, so you want to make sure that you offer them a high quality website so you can stay in demand.

Number two: Usability

When having a web developer creates your website it used to be that, the big focus was on using the newest technology, so that you were considered to be first in line to use the most advance stuff. This was a big problem to people because it took forever to look at a website. Now what you need to worry about with designing a website is that you are using a website that is user friendly, but at the same time up to date with technology.

Number three: Communication

Back in early 1990 to early 2000, most people used a dial up connection to connect to the internet, which made chatting with customers nearly impossible. Since communicating with customers was nearly impossible companies that had websites simply, put out brochures that people could read online to answer any questions they might have, they also provided their users with a contact number in case not all of their questions were answered. Now most people connect to the internet using a broadband connection, which makes communicating a reality. Companies can now offer live chat features for customer service or technical service.

Number four: Advertisements

The type of advertisements that you can place online to advertise your business has also changed in the last few years. When the internet was first introduced, you could use directory listings and top banner ads to advertise your business. As the internet has advanced so has the advertising options, you now have a variety of options that you can use to advertise your business. Some of the options that you have are email marketing, back end links, text ads, pop-up ads, and many more.

Number five: Targeted ads

When businesses first started advertising online, they would call any search engine and ask for any kind of advertising inventory that the search engines had left. This was true even for the worst advertising spots because of how important it was to advertise on the internet, it made your business be thought of highly because you were keeping up with the advancements in technology. Now businesses simply buy targeted ads, which allow them to choose where there advertisements will be placed. Targeted ads ensure that only potential customers will see them, which increases the chances of sales stemming from those advertisements. While targeted advertising does cost more, business owners have decided it is well worth the cost because it is a more effective means of advertising.

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