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How to boost your online sales without spending a lot

Earning more money or even enough money to get by can be a tough job. When you use up all the marketing resources you have and you find that you aren't brining in sales, you may need to turn to other options. How can you boost your online sales without spending a ton of money to do so? Many companies will try a Pay-Per-Click program but may find out that it isn't working, which causes you to waste a lot of money on marketing dollars and can lead to a lot of frustration. Learning how to convert website visitors into buying customers is a bit of a gamble as one thing can work one month and then nothing happens after that.

Start by doing an evaluation of your website. Is it easy to navigate? Can you find the information you need in a timely and precise manner? Does your site have a question and answer page? Do you have a search tool or a site directory? Make the site as user-friendly as possible in order to generate the right response. Here are some statistics that will show you just how important it is to pay attention to your website:
- Half of all website visitors are lost because they are unable to find content.
- New leads on your site will spend 5-15 seconds on the site. If they are unable to find the information they want they will move on.
- About 40% of your repeat visitors will leave because they have had a bad experience with the company or with the website.
- Over 85% of website visitors will leave a new site because it is poorly designed.
- Only 30% of online shoppers will complete a sale online.

You must be able to improve the conversion rate of your website if it is going to serve a purpose for your company. Even if you can improve the click-through ratio by 5% it can mean an increase in sales of 60% per year! The nice thing is all you have to do is spend some time on your site to see what needs to be improved and you can find a way to bring in more traffic without adding on a lot of money to the site.

Improve the content on your website and you will be able to see new visitors come. A well-designed site that has plenty of information on it will easily fulfill the needs of the customers. Go through all the content on your website in order to see what is outdated and what needs to be improved. Always remove any misspellings from your site as this can ruin your pagerank status with Google.

Find out what your customers wants are. Your customers will always make a buying decision on what they want. You must be able to find out what their wants are and then adjust your website content in order to satisfy those wants.

What are the benefits the customers can expect when they purchase your products? As you discuss the product, always point out the ways in which it can benefit your customers. They want to see what it can do for them instead of just want the products features are. This is the best way to get your customers interested in your company and to actually go from a could be sale to an actual sale.

Here are the things that the content must be able to do when a customer goes to your website:
- Grab your attention immediately
- Draw then readers interest and build a connection with them
- Emotionally compel the reader and make a believable case for your product
- Motivate the reader to act

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