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How to choose search engine marketing services

When you are looking for a company to help you with your internet and online marketing, you will probably be interested in finding a search engine marketing service.These search engine marketing services can help get your company's name and website out to Internet web surfers, and it a great way to improve your company's image as well!There are lots of different search engine marketing services, and it can be overwhelming to try and decide which search engine marketing service is good for you!Here are a couple of tips for how to choose search engine marketing services:

1) Find a company who works with all programming languages:Make sure that you find a company who is prolific in all different types of languages and technologies.You don't want to have any types of limitations to the work that your search engine marketing service can do!Don't be satisfied with a company that only is able to work with static websites that are made with the basic HTML form.Instead, look for a company who also has expertise in PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, ASPX, Flash, and other types of programming languages.Make sure that your company can work with both static and dynamic websites.

2) Find out the client to account manager ratio:There aren't very many search engine marketing services which publicize this information, but sometimes you're able to find out this ratio upon asking.The client to account manager ratio represents the number of clients that each account manager handles at any given moment in time.If the client number is relatively low, this is a pretty good indication that you will get the service and attention that you need from your account manager.When you are dealing with something as important for your company as search engine marketing, you don't want to work with someone who's too busy to give you a lot of attention!As a general rule, it is a good idea to try to find a search engine marketing service where the account managers support less than thirty clients at any given moment in time.

3) Do "Page Rank" ratings on other clients of search engine marketing services:It is a good idea to research potential search engine marketing services and see how well they have helped previous clients.Some search engine marketing services even post their previous clients and customers on their own website, so you can see their success with other people.You can perform your own search engine research, then, by looking at the "Page Rankings" of these customers, to see how high their rankings are on web searches.For example, you can find out the page ranking of any given company by downloading the Google Toolbar.Then, click on the options tab and check the "display Page Rank" option.Then, you will be able to see how Google is rating specific websites on a scale of one to ten.If websites come up with really high rankings, then this is a good indicator that you should choose the search engine marketing service!

4) Use the Alexa rating:If you are having a trial period with a search engine marketing company, then you might want to use the Alexa Toolbar to help you decide if you should choose this company to do your permanent work.This toolbar gives you a summary of the general traffic flow for your website over the last three months, and you can see this traffic flow in comparison with similar websites.If your traffic flow is improving and you are seeing progress, then it is probably a good idea to choose this search engine marketing service to do your work!

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