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How to make sure your marketing is legal?

How to make sure your marketing is legal? When you are marketing your business, there are some important things you will want to do to make sure that you are marketing not only legally, but also ethically.

Market through trust

When you market your product or services to the consumers, legality and ethics does not only come into an important role where the law is concerned, but also where building trust with the consumer is concerned.

The information that you market should always be accurate and true. False advertising can be a real problem when the information makes it to a courtroom. It can cost more money than it would have ever made the company. The reason is that not only would there be court costs, but also the negative impression this would result in with the public can cost your overall success.

Unethical marketing is just as bad as illegal marketing. This is because even though something might be legal, it does not mean it is right. Trust is one of the key marketing ideas that many companies will use for building marketing into sales.

Word of mouth can work for a business in one of two ways. You can either have a healthy trust with the consumers. Therefore getting business simply from your good name. Or you would have a poor reputation due to illegal or unethical behaviors and marketing. Then you would have a significantly more difficult time gaining business and profit.

Not to mention the huge fines a business can incur along with court costs and restitution if the products or service you are selling do not meet up to the standards you market.

Do your own work

It is a very bad idea to copy the work in your marketing from someone else. You would not want to have your marketing look like someone else's anyway. However, it is illegal. The reason is that each mark, each commercial, each saying Federal and State law protects all of these things.


If there is any part of your marketing that needs a disclaimer for the consumer protection, you will want to check to make sure where else those disclaimers will need to be places. The way a disclaimer is designed is also very important.

Keep it real

There are some stretches that the consumer will accept. However if the marketing you use is inaccurate enough or false in the fact that the product will not do what you say, then you are likely to loose business, and also possibly be walking a find line of legal.

For example:

This ABC coffee has a scent that wakes you up in the morning with freshness.

This ABC coffee will pull you out of your bed and pat you on the back.

They are both ways of looking at what a good coffee can do. However, it is not likely that the coffee can actually pat you on the back.

When can you market?

Most forms of marketing is rather unobtrusive. However if you are marketing through telemarketing, mail and emails, it is a good idea to find out what limitations are set in your state to protect the consumer from harassment.

Keep this all in mind when you are marketing your business. There are good ways to market that will help you get the most from your marketing dollars. Though, there are also ways of marketing that will build distrust, and negative opinions from the consumer if it is done incorrectly.

One lawsuit or case through the better business bureau can be a real problem, especially for the smaller businesses. This is how to make sure your marketing is legal. If for any reason you have questions about your marketing, it is a good idea to contact an attorney.

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