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How to start a company blog:

Although I am sure by its recent popularity with the youngin's most of us are now familiar with what a blog is, I will explain. A blog is a one page, journal style, web site, that it's users can add contact to as often as they please and it will be displayed in most recent - to most distance (chronological) order.

Blog's are used for many different purpose, educational, business, and personal, but of most recent have gained notice because of their personal use. Singles, young people, and celebrities alike are creating blogs to keep up-to-date information about themselves available to the public. A popular blogging site is MySpace, which is a free site which provides it's customers with a blogging space. Those customers can post pictures, videos, and other such personal information that allows people to get to know who they are.

For business purpose, blogs are used much the same. Business blogs provide information, product photos and videos, and keep one customers with up to date information about your company and or products.

So how do we get started with out business blog? First, choose a service. Choosing a blogging service is much like choosing an emailing service, some are going to be free while some are going to charge a small fee. Just make sure and choose a service that has been around a while so once you have gotten your blog up and started, and the address given out, the company you are going through can't back out and you lost the information you have already submitted. Some free and more reliable blog spots are going to be:,, and MSNspaces.

Second, set up your blog. This isn't something your IT guy is going to need to do, or you're going to need training in, it is as simple as setting up and email account - but probably a little more fun. You will get to choose colors, how many columns, and the design of your blog. This won't be too hard, and can actually be enjoyable. You will get to decide whether to add pictures of your employees, your business logo, or your product. Don't freak out if you don't know yet exactly what you want to put in, because you can always add and change things as you go.

Third, start blogging. Write your first entry. For businesses you will probably talk a little about your business. Tell people where you started, where you come from, and where you want to be headed. This entry will always be at the bottom of your blog so those customer who aren't interested in this information aren't going to have to sift through it if they don't want to - but it's important to make it available for those who will be interested.

Fourth, decide whether to employ a third party service to send out emails to your customers when you have updated your blog. This can also be done through your companies email data base, but if you want it to happen automatically you might want to hire a service that will do it for you whenever you have made an entry.

Fifth, start publicizing your blog. You can do this through sending out emails to your current customer base, adding the web address to wherever your title can be found, or adding yourself to a search engine for people who are interesting in your type of company and or product. This may take time to do, so don't be frustrated if it doesn't happen all at once. Look up web trafficking and how to get more customers to your web site, apply the principles learned and you'll find you are getting plenty of web traffic.

Starting a company blog doesn't take a computer genius, it just takes knowing what information is the most important to put up, and having someone who is in charge of updating it constantly.

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