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Juggle Much?

They say it's easy! Anyone can do it!!

Yeah, right!!!

If you're an online marketer, then you know that you need the skills of a Juggler to compete in the business. Every last detail has to be ironed out before you can successfully sell a product. Believe me, I've learned the hard way that you not only have to be a great writer, but you also have to be an IT technician.

Oh, all the tools are available, and all you have to do is plug into it and voila!, you're in business. However, it's the plugging in that you have to watch out for. Unless you've crossed all the "t's" and dotted all the "i's", you could just be blowing smoke.

I know, I've done it! I've spent weeks preparing a product for sale, spent another several days working out the best sales copy I could think of writing, compiled all the places to market the product, utilized all the nifty little devices my web hosting company offered me, pushed a few buttons on my computer, then sat back and waited for all the money to start rolling in.

But alas, nothing happened. . .

I got plenty of hits to my sales copy page, but no sales. My AwStats were going up and up, but nobody bought a thing from me. My ego got tweaked, to put it mildly. I thought that I had created a great and highly informative product, everyone I had proof-read it said, "it's about time someone came up with this stuff", but I couldn't seem to sell it for the life of me.

Just when I was about to trash the whole idea of selling my "genius" online, the light dawned over Marblehead. I called my sister and asked her to do me a little favor. She said sure, and I had her go over to my site and go through the entire sales process. She did it.

The next day I got a call back from her telling me that "the site was 'wonderful', but why hadn't I set it up so people could buy it now?"

I was a bit surprised by that question, because, you see, it had been set up to sell, or so I thought. So I asked her what happened when she tried to buy.

"Nothing", she said. She told me she got an error message. She had typed in all of her information, including credit card, submitted it, and ended up floating in cyberspace.

So I hung up with her and went back to the drawing board. Lo and behold, I discovered the problem!

I had made one tiny little error in connecting my product database to my payment company. Boy, did I feel silly! I quickly fixed the error, called her back and asked her to try again. This time she sailed through all the way without a glitch!

All those weeks of waiting for something to happen, when nothing could possibly. I had made a simple typo that probably cost me hundred's of dollars in sales. I had no one to blame, nowhere to hide ( from the wife who had been waiting for the great windfall to happen ), nothing left to do but lick my wounds and start my campaign over again.

So I guess the moral to this story is. . .

If you're gonna juggle, you gotta keep your eye on the balls, and at the same time, make sure your belt buckle is fastened so your pants don't fall down!

by K.R. Nadreau
K.R. Nadreau is the author of "Up Front Marketing ~ Selling Without Selling Yourself Short." He's a motivational speaker/writer who has spoken to upwards of 2,500 at a time, and has been instrumental in the creation of countless successful businesses both for profit and non-profit. His articles about business and culture are read by thousands.

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