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Marketing campaign checklist


Whatever field you are in, you must have a successful marketing campaign to attract new customers and boost your revenue. Direct mail, email, Search Engine Optimization, Twitter, and newspaper advertising should all be a part of your marketing campaign. Here is a quick marketing campaign checklist you can follow to optimize your campaign:

  • Build your own email list. It is much easier to send the emails to customers that have opted-in versus purchasing a list that you can't re-use. Building your own list also helps to establish a relationship between you and your customers as they will put you on their safe list and actually read what you have to say.

  • Contact local newspapers to find out what type of pricing they can offer. Newspaper marketing and other print marketing methods are essential for your business as it helps to establish your image in the local area.
  • Conduct good market research. Before you can begin your marketing campaign, you need to know if your products or services even appeal to anyone. Look for your niche market and find out which way is the best way to reach them.
  • When you create your marketing campaign, always define how your products or services will help your customers. Consider doing a campaign about the company so you can build your reputation.
  • Use online marketing methods like social networking, blogging, and e-zines. This is a great way to build your company's reputation as your customers are able to see the company in a positive manner. Creating blogs and articles will boost your business as it helps to establish your company as the source of information for this particular field. Building your company reputation is an essential part of a good marketing campaign.
  • Determine if you can afford to offer discounts to existing and new customers. Discount marketing is a great way to attract new business and it's a great way to show your existing customers that you appreciate their business.
  • Always prepare a sales forecast. This will help you decide how much you can invest into your marketing campaign and if you will actually get a return on your investment.
  • Use press releases to generate a buzz about your company and your products. If you use well-written press releases, media members will run a story on them. Always post the press release online to boost your web site traffic and as a source of information for the media members when they are doing research.
  • Create a list of the different types of marketing promotion you wish to use. Online marketing and print marketing are common but don't neglect buzz marketing.
  • Determine what makes your company and your products unique from your competitors. Why would people choose your products over theirs?
  • Consider changing the packaging to your products, especially if you are selling a product that has already been manufactured by your competitors. Your packaging must be attractive and informative enough to persuade the customer to pick your product over theirs.
  • How do you plan to distribute your product to your customers? This is important as delays in shipping can cause you to lose repeat customers. It is important to pay attention to the fulfillment of your orders, especially if this is the first contact your customer will have with your company and this will leave a lasting impression in their mind as to how you do business.
  • Speak with everyone at your company and let them know the importance of their role in your marketing campaign. Without the support of everyone at the firm, it will be difficult to get your marketing campaign off the floor.

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