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Marketing solutions for online advertisers

investing32191703.jpg If you are one of the many businesses who is looking to market your business online, you have probably heard of some popular terms like pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, and banner advertising. Paying for online advertising can be pretty expensive and if you have a small budget, you may wind up wasting away valuable money.

How can you tap into online marketing for a small amount? There are a few things you can do for free to start online advertising. First, you need to submit your web site to all the major search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Google.

You can then set up a pay-per-click campaign with each of the search engines. If you don't know what keywords to use, you should invest in a program called WordTracker. WordTracker is an online service that is designed to help you identify common keywords and phrases that are commonly used in your business field.

WordTracker has a database of over 300 million search terms that have been used by actual web users. and collect the search terms and report them to WordTracker on a daily basis. This allows you to input your product and web site information and be connected with keywords that will generate the greatest traffic potential.

A great benefit to using WordTracker is the possibility of new keywords or search terms that you might not have thought of. WordTracker will also compare the competition level for each keyword and give you an estimate as to how much it will cost to compete for a certain keyword.

If you have decided to try pay-pr click marketing and you would like to use WordTracker, you can purchase the program for $50 per month or $329 for a one year subscription. WordTracker does offer a 7-day trial that will give you access to a keyboard basics guide and a tutorial on how to profit from keywords.

You may have taken a shot at e-mail marketing and decided that it wasn't worth your time or investment. With the overwhelming amount of SPAM e-mail it is no wonder why half of email marketing campaigns fail. How can you re-think your email marketing campaign and make it successful? Here are a few tips that can help:

  • If at all possible, send your marketing campaign as plain text. This makes the message smaller in size and able to be read on other devices like cell phones. If you must include images in your email, never insert them if they need to be downloaded from the web. A downloadable file will automatically be flagged as spam and your message will never make it to your target audience.

  • Check your mail server provider settings. Some mail servers will not allow you to send mass mailings. If you are going to send out a large email campaign, be sure you follow the mail server rules so your account is not suspended.

  • Never use a subject heading that says "free", "money", or has CAPS lock.

Another suggestion is to use a mail merge marketing software when you are sending out a large email campaign. Recent studies have shown that individuals are more likely to open an email if their name is on it. Personalizing the email will be important to your prospect and informs them that you think of them as a person and not just a customer.

Always include an opt-out message at the bottom of your email. The CAN-SPAM Act requires that you provide users with a way to opt out of receiving emails from marketing lists.

You should also have a clear opt-in message on your web site. This will attract new readers to your site, and after a few email sends, they could turn into clients.

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