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Mobile advertising and promotional campaigns

If you are looking for a low cost way to reach a lot of prospects, be sure to not overlook mobile advertising. More and more people are using their mobile phones and other mobile devices to access the internet, and search for information than ever before. You can utilize the mobile phone platform to reach prospective customers, and provide them with succinct messages about your products, services, or company. Here is what you should know about mobile advertising and promotional campaigns:

1. Mobile advertising allows you to deliver relevant and targeted advertising and campaigns to a wide range of people. One of the things consumers appreciate about mobile advertising is that it is usually far more relevant to them, and targeted to their needs, lifestyles, etc. This is also great for the company doing the advertising. It allows you to use targeted campaigns and be really efficient with your advertising. It also means reaching a greater range of people.
2. Use SMS and MMS to send relevant information. Text and picture messaging are great ways to utilize mobile marketing, but the information send via SMS or MMS needs to be relevant to the consumer. If it is not, the message will be deleted, and in some cases, the sender blocked.
3. Mobile phones are extremely personal devices. The marketing approach has to be more tailored. Most people have their phones with them all day. They personalize them, with contacts, with applications, with covers and dangles, and all kinds of other things. The fact is, mobile phones are becoming the number one means of communication in daily lives, and thus marketing to mobile users can increase your success rate, but only if you remember that the phone is personal, and thus the marketing approach needs to be tailored to fit the person who will be receiving the mobile advertisement. It does not matter what you are selling, you can use mobile marketing to sell it via the internet and wireless devices, but only if the campaigns are targeted.
4. You can retain existing customers and get new ones with targeted campaigns that are based on the following:
- Subscriber Profile- Who is going to receive this message and how can you make it relevant to them?
- Subscriber Location- where are they? Are they somewhere that has access to what you are offering?
- Message Content- Clear, concise, and relevant. Those need to be the three main aspects of any mobile marketing message.
- Date and Time- When are you sending these messages, if you are targeting working professionals your best success will come on weekends, stay at home moms during school hours, etc.
- Events driven- If you are basing your message off an event, who is going to be interested in the event?
- Groups of interest and more- Often campaigns are based on things like going green, abuse awareness, etc. Choosing something that interests your target market is best.

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