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Mobile marketing campaigns

When creating a mobile marketing campaign there are a number of aspects to consider. The following are four parts every mobile marketing campaign should consist of:

Mobile coupons- Like any marketing campaign, people require you to offer them value. Offering coupons and coupon codes as part of your mobile marketing campaign will help you to have a greater impact. You can send out coupon codes with QR codes, in SMS messages, etc.

Mobile advertising- More and more people are using mobile devices to gain information. In fact, these days there are three times as many cell phones as there are television sets in most homes. This means that advertising to and through mobile devices is an effective way to reach the masses. Advertising on mobile devices can be done with mobile web banners, posters, MMS advertising, in game advertising, before or after mobile content, or pop up while a mobile device is searching for a web page. Look for what form of mobile advertising is getting you the most click to call rates, or click through rates, measure the interactivity of the user.

Text message sweepstakes- Text messages are a big part of a mobile marketing campaign. One of the best ways to get a response using your text message efforts is to hold a text message sweepstakes, where there is a prize, or a set of prizes that can be won by texting a response to a specific number or short code. This helps you gain a data base of users who you know are using their mobile devices for texting, and are open to receiving your promotions.

Short codes- Short codes are a big part of mobile advertising because they are basically shorter phone numbers designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers. They are used when you are doing text message replies, etc. instead of providing a full seven digit number, you can say, "Send your response to (Short code)". The short code you use can be catchy, or memorable, or simple, like 5 "2's" etc. In addition, short codes are easy to set up with automation services, which can handle a great response, which make them great for surveys, votes, etc. The sender simply has to start the message with a pre-set prefix or command word, and then the automated service responds appropriately for the command provided. Short codes can be used in printed material to provide multiple lines of information. For example, ESPN might have a short code that you can text if you want the latest football news, and another to text for the latest basketball news. Or, they may have the same short code, but you text a different command word in to get the information. Short codes make mobile marketing easier for both the user and the provider.

Mobile marketing is a growing area, and one that should not be ignored. Learn what you can about the different methods, and which will work best for your industry.

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