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Mobile Marketing options

Mobile marketing is more than just creating a mobile device friendly version of your website. There are several methods or options for mobile marketing, discussed below:

SMS messaging- This is advertising through text messages. In order to use this form of mobile marketing people have to opt-in to get messages via text from your company. These messages may include coupons, polls, alerts, etc. It is a great personal way to market to the mobile user of today.

Bluetooth marketing- Bluetooth marketing is very similar to SMS messaging but instead of using SMS messaging to send the communication, it creates "Hotspots" where people with Bluetooth enabled devices get the message transmitted to them when they enter the hotspot with an open setting. This does not require special permissions, instead it markets to anyone in range of the Bluetooth transmitter, and is thus, location based marketing, similar to putting up a billboard or other advertisement, but it shows up on their Bluetooth device.

MMS messaging- This is basically media rich SMS messages. In other words, instead of only sending text, the sender will also send video, audio, or photos with the message. This is a popular form of mobile marketing, but users may have to have certain media capable phones or devices for this type of mobile marketing to work.

Web s mobile marketing- This is an extension of web marketing, in that it basically is marketing to mobile devices with 3G networks, and thus are internet capable through wireless connection. This is marketing to smart phones, by creating mobile web pages, that are easier and faster to upload, and are clear and concise, with special codes allowing functions like "Click to Call" or Maps and GPS locaters to give you directions to the retail location, etc. This form of mobile marketing also includes some of the more traditional marketing, such as banner ads that are seen on mobile devices when they access the internet.

Things you should know before embarking on mobile marketing:
Anti-spam laws: It is important to realize that with mobile marketing, you can't just buy a list of mobile numbers and start advertising to them, and sending them messages. In fact, this can get you in serious trouble. Rather, you have to get permission for the user to send them SMS mobile messages. This is accomplished by creating an opt-in feature on your website, blog, etc.

Gaining opt-ins:
1. Ask your existing loyal customers to spread the word.
2. Create contest where in order to be eligible for the prize they must opt in.
3. Create an opt-in widget on your website.
4. Get a dedicated short code, and provide opt in through sending a message via text to that short code. With this option you would advertise the ability to learn more, get coupons, be alerted to deals, sales, etc. by texting (KEYWORD) to (SHORTCODE).

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