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Site Marketing and Search Engines (the no-cost approach!)

Site Marketing- use search engines the right way. Don't waste your valuable time and money.

1. There are many ways to grow in the search ranks without spending money on search engine submission...

As a matter of fact, I recommend NOT wasting money on pay inclusion in most cases because it doesn't offer enough of an advantage (and many times the fees give you absolutely no advantage-the only exception are the few sites that guarantee placement within a specific timeline). Focus your online marketing and gain positive and targeted traffic without paying out for "expedited listings" or "submission software."

2. Submission software can appear to save time and effort, but in all reality, it doesn't...

I suggest to clients that they don't waste their time with submission software. No matter how good it sounds, honestly, the best way to attain and maintain strong search engine rankings is with a solid plan, time, diligence and staying active online. Search engine submission and optimization is a marketing strategy, and as such is not a one-shot process.

3. A plan that works...

The important thing is to use a good, strong and simple approach that really works and endures through the ever-changing standards in the search industry. There are some helpful free search engine submission tools, but the downside is, you get involved in several and you can duplicate efforts, which not only wastes time, but some engines and directories could mistake it for spam (I've seen this happen!).

My experience and best advice is, find one helpful free submission tool site (my personal favorite is -I am not affiliated with the site in any way! It's just very handy) and use it as a base. Keep a spreadsheet or submission log, and keep track of when you submit, what your Meta data/tags say (especially your ranking and core keywords), and note your rankings. This may sound like work, but really, once you set it up you will find it is the easiest way to keep from wasting time and it will help you track when your listings need some attention.

4. Basics that I recommend to reach a good rank and maintain it:

* Research keywords for your site. Take some time, check out competitor's sites, keyword lists, etc.

* Write GOOD title and description META tags for every page on your site. You really need custom META tag info for every page. There are many sites that will give you good advice on how to write great tag content. If you use a good submission site like you will find help there.

* Construct a good keyword tag specific to every page.

* Submit your site to every free search engine and directory you can find...always use the free links because the paid ones won't give you any advantages (with very few exceptions).

* Be can take three months or more to become listed by the "big guys" when you use indexing only.

* Get a jump on the waiting time and use search engine optimization techniques for your site content, online marketing such as press releases and circulating free articles, place your site on industry directories and local business directories online.

* Put your site address (URL) on EVERYTHING. (Well, everything reasonable and legal)

By using this brief lesson on marketing your site, you can build a strong marketing base with absolutely no cost whatsoever. And in doing so, you are gaining in-depth knowledge of your site's target audience, and it can only help with future marketing. Good luck! (Let me know how it goes! :-)

Cherie' Davidson is content development and marketing editor for Pixelmation Internet Technologies ( with years of experience helping clients with their site content and marketing needs. You may contact her at editor@p....

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