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The pros and cons of internet marketing

There are a variety of different types of marketing out there. One type of marketing that is becoming more and more popular is internet marketing. If you are thinking about using internet marketing but are not sure if it is something that is right for your business here are some of the pros and cons of internet marketing.

The first pro is that you can market to a lot of people in a little amount of time. For example some statistics have proven that between the year 2006 and 2011 businesses that use internet marketing will see an annual growth of 14.9% where as people that use direct mail marketing will not see even half of that annual growth. They will only see a growth rate of 6.3%. This is one thing that you will want to make sure that you keep in mind.

The first con is that if you have a small business and want to reach out the community that your business is in internet marketing might not be for you. A lot of people in the community might notice your business more by having a flyer sent to their home or by getting a coupon they can use at your store. If people think that you will give them a deal because you are part of their community you will build a trust with people that you will not be able to do by internet marketing.

The second pro is that you might not have to spend as much money. For example with direct mail marketing you will have to pay for flyers and for postage where as with internet marketing you might have to pay a small fee but it might not add up to what you are spending for materials. You will also not reach as many people with your flyers as you will through the internet.

The second con is that if you want to build a relationship with your customers a lot of people will not build relationships through the internet because the person that is looking at your marketing might be four states away from where you are or even in another country. Because of this if your business does a lot with client relationships you might have a harder time advertising through internet marketing,

The third pro is that the more people that see you're marketing the more people you are going to have interested. For example if 500 people see you're advertising at least 5 people are going to be interested. Statistics show that for every 100 people you come in contact with you will get at least 1 lead. Because of this the more people you come in contact with the better. You just have to make sure that you have a good marketing mix so people will actually take the time to look at your internet marketing.

The third con is that some people ignore internet marketing because they see so many different things on so many different websites that they start blocking it out.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of internet marketing. If you decide to go with internet marketing you need to make sure that you find sites to market on that go along with your business. For example if you make computer software or do repairs on computers you will want to make sure that you do your internet marketing on websites that have information on computers or that sell computers. Making sure that you weight the pros and cons of internet marketing will help you be able to know if internet marketing is for you.

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