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What every business should know about Internet marketing

Websites are the fasted way to get, and lose, a customer.Marketing your business on the internet can be very profitable if it is done right.Here are some things that you will want to know before you start marketing with the internet.

- Make your site easy to get through.Any regular Joe should be able to make their way around with ease.This includes getting back to the main page without hitting their back button.

- Your site should cover the needs and the desires of the people who are going to come across your site.They should feel like they had a good experience with your company.
- Purchasing should be easy.There should be a quick process that is easy to navigate.If it becomes too hard they will move on to another website for their purchasing.
- You need to have your contact information all over the website, they shouldn't have to go to the main page to find it.This includes your company name, main webpage, and a telephone number.If you aren't just a website they should know how to find the store too.
- Safety is a huge concern for customers.When customers enter your site, they should know their information is safe.They shouldn't have to worry that their information is being sold.
- You website should look professional and any transactions between you and the customer should be very professionally handled.A great way to accomplish this is to send a thank-you email after the purchase.This tells them that you are grateful for their business and that their transaction went through.
- Give them the option of paying with something other than a credit card.Some people aren't very comfortable giving out that information on the web.Being user friendly for the skeptics on the web is important.
- Help them think they have got to have what you are selling, and they can't wait.Make it an urgent purchase and they won't change their mind.
- At the end of a sale, when they are ready to check out, make some suggestions of similar products they may be looking for.This gives them a chance to impulse buy before they are all through.
- Ask for feedback.Use what you learn to improve your site and give customers a chance to tell you how they feel.This gives you a chance to fix what is wrong from a customer's point of view that you may have missed.
- Offer the option of email communication.Respond to any emails as quickly as possible.They will know you are really concerned about them if you take the time to respond quickly.
- Help your customers know they can trust you.Trust will bring them back for repeat business.This can come from guarantees or promises that you stand behind.

To get customers to your site you need to get your name out there.Here are some suggestions for making your website a popular place:

- Have the key words that you want your name to be found under right there on your home page.And have it worded a few different ways, be creative.
- Start some email marketing, but be careful not to start spamming.
- Be straight forward, this is who we are and this is what we sell.Don't confuse customers, they will leave.
- Look into joint venture partnership.
- Give a free offer, it can be an email newsletter subscription or a discount for signing up.With the free offer they have to leave you their information, and now you have a new customer.
- Write articles to post all over the web with your website linked to them.
- Submit to search engines and directories to get your name available o those who are looking.
- Get involved with an opt-in list.
- Consider joining marketing forums.
- See what viral tools can do for your website.
- Get hooked up in a link exchange.
- You have to be really cautious, but if you know what you are doing then doing pay-per-click may work for you.

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