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What you need to know about website traffic

Many business owners assume that if they have a website up and running then that is enough. However, in order for your website to be truly effective you will need to have a clear understanding of who is going to your website and how they are using it. If you have this information you will be able to improve your marketing and make your website even more effective. Once you know this information you will be able to increase the traffic to your website which will make your business even more profitable. Here is what you need to know about website traffic-

By asking yourself certain questions about your website you will get a clearer picture of who is coming to your website and what they want from it. Some of these questions are-
- Where are your customers coming from?
- How many people are actually coming to your website?
- How are your customers finding your website?
- What online marketing strategies are the using in order to find the website? Are your customers coming from search engines, pay per click ads, or some other marketing strategy?
- Are there certain pages that are more visited on your website?
- Where do your customers spend most of their time on your website?
- What days seem to have the heaviest website traffic?
- What page do most customers come to?
- What page do most customers exit from?
If you are a business owner it is important to know that there are analytic programs that can help you determine this information. Many are even free and you will just need to install a code to get them working. The reason that this is so important is that when you have this information you can alter your search engine strategy in a way that will put more focus on where your customers are actually coming from.

Business marketing experts also stress that it is important to set goals for your website. This will help you to work toward gaining the right type of traffic to your website. It can also be important to set goals so that you can compare your website traffic in the past to what you currently have. This will help you to determine if your website is still being as effective as you want it to be.

It is also important to be specific in the goals that you set for your website traffic. For example-Do you want to just educate your customers through your website or are you targeting them to make a purchase? When you have an idea of what you want to accomplish through your website traffic it will clarify what you need to do in order to make your website function at the highest level of efficiency.
Another important component of website traffic is knowing how long your customers are staying at your website. Obviously you want them to stay on your website as long as possible. This means that you will need to focus on having content that will attract and keep your customers interested in what you have to say. You should also be aware of exactly how many hits you are getting through your website. This makes it crucial that you know what pages your customers are exiting on. There may be a problem that is causing early exits. It can also give you a great deal of insight to talk to your customers about your website. They will be able to give you valuable feedback about what is and what isn't working on your website. This way you can make adjustments that will make your customers happier and hopefully increase the traffic to your website.

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