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What you should know about mobile marketing

The hot new area for marketing is now on the move. Known as mobile marketing, businesses are finding that they can directly market, to their customers cell phones or other hand held devices. This has lead to a rash of ways that companies are using mobile marketing, in order to stand out from the competition. Best of all, mobile marketing has been shown to have an extremely high response, from consumers. This has lead businesses to integrating mobile marketing, as a part of their overall marketing plan. Because of the rise of popularity in mobile marketing, it has become imperative, for business owners to educate themselves about mobile marketing, and what is can do, for their business. Here is what you should know about mobile marketing-

- Privacy and personalization will become very important to consumers-Marketing experts predict that because of the highly personal nature of marketing on someone's phone or handheld device, that there will be the widespread adoption of activities that are permission required,as well as the introduction of both policy and apps that will block unwanted messages. This will require businesses to be much more creative in how they present their mobile marketing message.
- Apps will move to the forefront-While text messaging is effective and highly recognizable, the rising popularity of smart phones will make Apps much more popular and widely used. Apps are expected to drive the revenue, from advertising and more people are predicted to buy a smart phone, rather then a computer, in the next 2 years. This means that having an App will not only be a revenue strategy, but a marketing one. The bottom line is that having an App may mean the difference between being successful, and losing your business to the competition.
- Blogging will become mobile-One of the most effective marketing tools online, is the business blog. Marketing experts are predicting that as mobile devices become more powerful, and user friendly, then you will blogs become a part of mobile marketing. While many devices lack the power and capability to do this at this time, the time for mobile blogging is not far off, and savvy business owners will prepare for it. An indication of this trend is that fact that more and more users are turning to their smart phone or other handheld device as a source of information, before buying, before turning to their computer.
- Smart phones will do it all-While there will always be users who will stick with their feature phones, smart phones are moving more and more to the forefront of technology. Technology experts are predicting that up to 86% of phones that are shipped in the next 12 months, will be smart phones. This will enable consumers to use the feature that they turn to the most-search. When users are browsing the internet, from their smart phones, instead of their computers, this means a huge marketing opportunity has opened, for many businesses. Search engine marketers will be turning their skills toward developing easy to read web sites, developing compatibility from platform to platform and developing more interactive functions, then ever before.
- Mobile may become the new way to shop-The inevitable growth of mobile marketing is leading to the development of the electronic wallet. Just like consumers who can now shop and pay online, soon mobile users will be able to turn to their handheld devices and smart phones, in order to shop. Businesses that want to capitalize on this capability will need to have a mobile marketing presence that insures they capture the forefront of this new type of business.

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