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What's the best day to send out promotional emails?

When is the best day to send out promotional emails? That is like asking, "what is the best pair of jeans for me to buy?' Buying a pair of jeans, from where, and what style - depends largely (no pun intended) on your size and shape (as we are reminded at least twice a year in fashion magazines that promote their magazines through telling us what jeans we will look best in). Likewise, sending out your promotional emails depends largely on you and your customer base.

If your businesses consumer base is largely comprised of teenagers, then the time to send out your exciting and upcoming promotions via email is going to be much different than the time to send them out to the business man or woman. Most teenagers are going to be attending school Monday through Friday eight to three and are not going to have the time nor the concentration to spend reading about your promotions. So for a teenage consumer base sending out mid-day emails will probably not be the best choice. You may want to send out the emails in the late afternoon to early evening, as this is when most teenagers will be dedicating themselves to their homework. A lot of homework in this day and age requires the use of the internet and your consumer base will most likely jump on to check their email before doing anything else (as most people do).

If your consumer base is largely comprised of mothers and fathers (children's books, clothing, toys, etc.), then sending out an email on Monday morning when those stay at home mothers are just hankering down for another fun week of macaroni and cheese baking, and finger painting, might give them something additional to look forward to. A lot of stay at home mothers and fathers do their shopping on line which provides them still with the ever present thrill of picking out and then purchasing something new, without having to pack up the double and triple stroller, the bottles, the diapers, and the teddy bears. Sending out your promotions to these stay at home parents would probably be best during the week between the hours of eight to five, when their hardworking income making spouse won't be over their shoulder wondering if this is the best use of the family's funds.

If your consumer base is largely in the corporate world and they work hours from eight or nine to five each day then studies have shown that the best time to blast them with your good news is Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of ten to two. Why not Mondays when they're just getting to work and have a full week of endless monotony lying before them? Because they're just getting to work and they have a full week of endless monotony before them. The idea of sending out a promotional email is probably to get your consumer base excited about something you have to offer, but it tends to be difficult to excite someone by adding something else to their list of to-do's when they're suffering from a bad case of, "Monday Blues." Friday may seem them like the opposite of Monday Blues, being the weekend when work loads can be postponed and your consumers have two blissful days of nothingness to enjoy, but studies have shown it is not so. The blissfulness doesn't tend to start when they walk out of the office and lock the door, but rather when they enter the office Friday morning and are reminded that it is once again Friday morning. In all this bliss, you may not be able to catch their attention as you would hope to when they are in a more serious mood.

When is the best time for you to send out promotional emails? When you're consumers are most likely to receive them in a good, money spending, informational looking, spouse free, mood.

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