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Why use affiliate Internet marketing?

So, the question is: Why use affiliate marketing? First of all, let's talk about the meaning of the word "affiliate." Simple word definitions such as these are sometimes more important than one may suppose. One thinks one has an idea of what the words means, and goes from there, but when one takes the time to look up the word in a good dictionary, one discovers deeper, more complicated implications. My favorite is the Oxford English Dictionary, which has approximately twelve pages of definitions for the word "affiliate" and its affiliates, so to speak, but the OED is cumbersome and expensive and not everyone has a magnifying glass in case they get the condensed version. The average sort of cheap college paperback dictionary defines an affiliate as some who's part of your group or you joining up with another group.
So, affiliate marketing, then, is when a group of affiliates, that is, people joined by a common cause, interest, product, etc., come together to sell together and thus become more profitable, effective, excellent businesspeople. Let's say, for example, that you're selling spider poison. You want to use the Internet to sell spider poison. Arachnophobia is a nearly universal malady.You're sure to become rich immediately, right? Well, it might not be as easy as all that-because other people are selling spider poison, and you're competing with them. You're starting out new, you're young and reckless, and you've got this wonderful, wonderful poison that's guaranteed to kill or at least fundamentally cripple every single dark, hairy, squatting, shiny-eyed spider in the average-sized home. It's better than anything out there. So, what do you do?

First of all, research is the key. Get on the Internet, type "spider poison" into your favorite Internet search engine. You'll soon find that all sort of subjects come up. Everything, for example, having to with gardens, or at least a lot of garden stuff, will appear before your eyes. Other kinds of bug-killing poisons will appear. Familiar names of spider- and insect-killing companies and products will appear and you might feel intimidated. Don't! Lots of these sites are your potential affiliates. That is, you can join with these sites, these people, and try to talk them into joining with you, so that you advertise in a bundle. You're not going to want to be on the exact same page with a competitor, but maybe there's a great weed poison out there newly invented and you decide to partner up with the inventor.
Now, whenever someone's looking for weed poison, and whenever someone's looking for spider poison, both your products will appear, right on the same page, with all the pertinent information. Changes are that the person who wants to kill spiders will also want to kill weeds. You and your affiliate Internet marketing partner both benefit.
Imagine that you've got more than one affiliate Internet marketing partner. Imagine you have dozens, even hundreds, of affiliate Internet marketing partners. Think of how effective that would be. Affiliate Internet marketing is a fantastic way of (1) getting to know your product and your competitors better. Affiliate Internet marketing is a fantastic way of (2) getting to know products that make great companions to your product, and teaming up with the sellers of this products. Affiliate Internet marketing is growing in popularity all the time, and it's easier to get started than ever.
Not only are there many, many websites devoted to affiliate Internet marketing, there are whole books written about affiliate Internet writing in uncomplicated language that even a beginner can understand. Most of these books are available in an audio format, too, so that you that you can learn about affiliate Internet marketing when driving to work, school, the grocery store, the spider poison store, wherever.
If you've got a great idea for a product to sell, or a charity to begin, or a political cause to support, etc., affiliate Internet marketing is definitely the way to go.

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