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Choosing the right colors to market your company

books30364900.jpgWhen you are designing a marketing strategy do you pay attention to the colors you use in your ads and your campaigns? Part of becoming successful with marketing is picking the right colors that will attract your target market's attention and inspire them to contact your business.

Engaging content that focuses on driving the customer to your website is one thing but color can also make an impact through the emotions they emit to your customers. Take a look at some other ads out there right now and just focus on the color. What is it that you like about some of the ads and why are you inspired to contact the company based on the ad? Colors provide specific emotions and can help to reflect your business in the positive manner you need to become successful.

One thing you may know about colors is the brighter the color, the easier it is for them to be recognized. Although you may be thinking that bright orange or pink is a great color for your marketing promotions, it could be sending the wrong message to your customers. They may end up seeing the ads as cluttered and the bright colors may actually give them a headache. One color that is known to succeed with marketing is yellow. Yellow can be used in a number of color sequences and it helps to attract customers without turning them off.

Here are some other colors to consider and the meanings behind them:

  • Pink - although pink is a nice color, you should avoid using it unless you are trying to create a sensitive campaign. Pink is associated with love, gentleness, and femininity. It's great to use around Valentine's Day to promote some of your products but other than that, you should avoid using too much pink in your ads.

  • Green - similar to yellow, green is used to immediately attract attention. Green is often thought of as a clean color, which is why it is used for many health products and energy companies. Businesses that use green do so because it leaves the customer feeling calm. Green is the easiest color on the eyes, which can be a relief to your customers if they have been staring at bright orange all day.

  • Black - how does black play into your marketing ads? Black is used for convey a bold message. Black backgrounds with white text are common when a business wants to assert authority and power. It's a great way to get the message across to your target market.

  • Blue - blue is a calming color that many people prefer to look at. Blue is used to convey a sense of security and it helps to soothe your audience. Blue is the most popular color and it is often preferred in the business world as it does help to promote soothing and a tension-free room. This is why many offices use shades of blue paint to decorate their offices as studies have found that people are more productive in a blue room. Customers will see the blue along with your quality content and will have the inner drive to actually contact your business.

  • Yellow- as mentioned previously, yellow is one of the most popular colors used in the marketing world. Since yellow immediately catches the attention of your audience, you can use it to draw them in and then you need to post engaging content to keep this attention. Yellow represents happiness and many people feel warmth and sunlight when thinking of yellow.

  • Red - red is often used as a way to communicate power. It's commonly used in the business world to convey boldness and success. You can use it for holiday events as well but it is a very aggressive color so try to avoid adding too much red to your marketing campaign.

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