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Entrepreneur 101: 7 Powerful Business Secrets

Let's blow away all the chaff. All of it. Whooosh! Gone. What's left Here are seven business nuggets for you to ponder. Whether you're seeing them for the first time or the hundredth time, they're just as powerful. Put a check mark next to any you've mastered and move on to the next.

1. You're in a particular business. Right Wrong. Actually, you're in the business of marketing your business. Now, you and I know you've got a great product AND great service. But great marketing will beat an otherwise great business any time. We all need to put them together. Great marketing and great business. Now you're unstoppable!

2. Speaking of marketing. You must become an expert on marketing your business to your market. Don't delegate this one, absolutely essential task. I've tried and failed. Only you have the drive, passion and ambition to do it right. Marketing is hard, but ignore it at your own peril!

3. Balance in all things. Yes, clever and innovative beats spending buckets of cash. However, be careful that your leading edge advantage doesn't become your bleeding edge pain. The money is where the competition isn't. But make sure you don't end up in left field.

4. Tattoo your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to the inside of your eyelids. It's that important. It is the cornerstone of your business and your anchor when the storms of trouble hit. Are you unclear about your USP That fuzziness can be the root of a thousand problems to follow.

5. Have A Plan. Sure, it will change. But without one, how do you know if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing or just meandering around in the muck Your customers, suppliers, lenders and associates will all respect you for having a clear plan.

6. Don't go it alone. Of course, you're working for yourself because you want to be your own boss. But the world is a mighty big place. You're going to need help conquering it. Build alliances and joint partnerships. Belong to a mastermind group or two. Find a mentor. Or two. Or three.

7. Your business is there for you. You are its master. Otherwise, you've just got a job. Your business must match your personality. Your business environment must be supremely comfortable to you. Otherwise, you'll be tempted to be reactive instead of proactive. Your creativity is your lifeblood. Make sure your environment supports this.

How many check marks did you get It's not an easy list. But you knew your business wasn't going to be all peaches and cream when you got into it. The lure of freedom and wealth still makes it all worth it.

Copyright 2005 Oliver P Rochester D Small Business
Oliver P Rochester has had the most stringent boss of his life for the last decade - himself. Employees come and go but his boss stays the same. This is how he likes it. You can read more articles about small business at

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