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Hiring the right people to help your business


A small business can grow substantially with the right type of people. Employees with excellent people skills are often the best ones to put on the phones and behind cash registers as they deal with the customers for the first and last impressions. Hiring employees that have the qualifications you need are essential to your business, especially as contribute to the overall effectiveness of your small business.

Solid employees are those that you can rely on to run your business when you are not around. These individuals can be trusted to do practically everything you can and they will help the business become successful. Finding multiple employees like this is rare, especially for small businesses that are often used as stepping stones to bigger careers.

Finding a good employee will come with a strong screening process and a good interviewer. Every business wants to find the employees that are willing to give 110% to the business in spite of being in a bad mood. Finding a creative person that is able to uphold all the standards of the business and perform to the best of their abilities can be done. Some simple ways to find this person is to write up a good ad.

Make sure people know you will do some basic background check information like a criminal record check along with contacting past employers to find out what type of employee they are and what type of person they are. Law enforcement agencies will even go as far as contacting ex-spouses to find out why the marriage ended so they can learn what type of person they are and to check for certain problems like substance abuse or violence.

Although you may be a small business, you can often find individuals that are passionate about what they do and some of the same things the business does. Usually these individuals are going to be individuals that are fresh out of college or they are other individuals that are looking for a career change. To attract them, you will need to offer more than a decent salary. Other things like flexible working hours, retirement programs, sick leave, and holiday time-off are all attractive incentives to employees.

To get the right employees, conduct hard interviews. Some companies will conduct multiple interviews to test the skill level of this person and to try and catch them in different situations which will test their level of integrity. One phone company actually does mass interviews and trainings and they will use one of their existing employees as a spy to find out what the other people are like. This person is often tasked with the job of putting the other person in a compromising position to see how they react to it. This is a great way to find out what type of person they are and if they will actually help your company become successful.

To properly assess the person you are going to hire, talk to their past employers and the individuals listed on their resume. Try to gather as much information as possible about this person so you can learn about their behaviors. Use some of this information during their interview to see how they react to it. Some people may act nervous if they know you have spoken to past employers because they had a bad experience with the company. Others will react with confidence as they know their past employers will give them an excellent recommendation.

Don't be afraid to ask questions that probe into the character of this person. This is the only way you are going to get the information you need out of this person. Talk to them about their education and how their past experiences will play a role in their new job. Finding out this information will help you see how well they will work for your company because they will show how dedicated they were to school and prior jobs. Some employees may be found after a couple interviews, but it often takes longer for most companies. Plan to spend a few weeks, even months when you are searching for the right employee.

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