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How to retain staff when you are new and not yet making much money

When people first start a small business they tend to run things by themselves for a long time because it saves on expenses. But depending on your goal for your small business there will come a time where you will have to hire employees to help you run your small business. While the hiring process is not the easiest thing to do in the world, sometimes finding good employees is harder than finding funding for business loans, but once you have hired those employees you have to figure out how to retain those employees with your limited budget.

Many small business owners tend to think that they can not attract the good employees like larger businesses can because they don't have as much to offer because of expenses. While it is true that larger companies offer employees numerous benefits and incentives to stay at the workplace, it is far from the truth that small businesses can not offer the same benefits. Think about the fact that large companies have to offer these benefits and incentives for a large number of employees, which adds to the expenses, whereas a small business has less employees, which means less money being paid out for benefits. The key to offering similar benefits as the larger companies is to do plenty of research and find the best deals out there. By doing your research and finding out where the best deals are you to can retain your staff when you are new and not making much money.

Here are some other tips on how to retain your staff when you are new and not yet making much money.

Tip one:
One thing you can do that will not cost you any money at all is to provide a positive work environment. The best way to provide a positive work environment is to treat your employees how you would want to be treated. You can also hire people who are self-motivated that way you can have more relaxed rules and regulations, you are not having to constantly look over your employees' shoulders. Another way to keep the work environment positive is to be relaxed and flexible with your employees, now what their needs and issues are so that you can work with them not against them.

Tip two:
While this will cost you money it will help guarantee that your employees will stick around, and that is to pay competitive salaries. By offering a little bit more then the going rate you are going to be able to choose your employees from a larger pool and by offering that pay you can minimize the chance that your employees will leave for a better paying job in the same field.

Tip three:
Another thing you can do is to help your employees develop. Provide salary reviews, performance reviews, etc with the employee and talk about ways that they can improve or what they think they would like to work on. You can also cross train any employees who show an interest in learning more aspects of the business; this will keep your good employees from becoming bored, which will encourage them to stick around.

Tip four:
Another thing you don't want to do is to take advantage of your employees. Employees who feel like they are doing everything while others are doing nothing are not likely to be loyal. So when you are delegating the assignments be sure to give them out equally or if somebody has more responsibility because they always do a better job pay them a higher salary and take the time to explain that to them.

Tip five:
Because of the larger companies offering benefits you are going to need to offer benefits to your employees eventually. In the beginning it might not be possible because you are just starting out but you can still set it up for a later date. When you have hired your employees make it clear to them that they won't be receiving benefits right away, give them a time frame of when they can expect to receive the normal benefits (health insurance, sick pay, vacation pay, etc) and make sure you follow through with your end.

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