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How to utilize the easiest form of direct mail marketing, email.

Have you been trying to get in touch with your customers through pay per click marketing and other promotions? It may seem like everything you try is failing. One great way to get your customers to finally hear your message is by having them sign up for an email list.

Sending targeted messages is one of the best ways to get your revenue stream to grow. You need to consider using emails to get in touch with your customers because they are cost-effective and instant.

Email marketing is considered a form of direct marketing. Direct marketing efforts are any marketing strategy used to contact individual consumers through promotional means. Every email that is sent to potential customers and existing customers is considered a form of marketing even if you are trying to thank the customers. Since so many businesses participate in email marketing campaigns, SPAM and junk mail are common for most email users. It is important to obtain the permission of the individual a company is emailing if they want to have a successful campaign, which is why you need to have the sign-up list to get your customers to opt in.

When a person opts-in to a mailing list, you also need to have the opt-out. They might get tired of having so many emails flood their inbox that eliminating some of the newsletters is the only way for them to keep their sanity. You need to include an opt-out message. This is usually included at the bottom of the email and then have an automated confirmation message so they know their address has been submitted to be removed from the mailing list.

One of the great features about email is that it not only helps you to market effectively, you also have the chance to track the response rate of customers. This allows you to see what your customers are responding to and what needs to change in order to get more people to respond to your ads.

Consider using emails to send out surveys and start asking your customers for their insight and opinions. The more information you can gather right from the customer, the easier it is for you to build better products and services for them.

Email marketing also works to create customer loyalty by informing customers of product releases and company updates. A lot of companies now use email correspondence in addition to facebook and Twitter to help their customers stay updated and interested in the company.

Email marketing is a million dollar industry; in fact businesses spent over $400 million dollars on email marketing in 2006. Several companies place their advertisements within emails of other companies. Depending upon the company, this can be a relatively inexpensive way to spread the message about your company or it can cost you a lot of money. With so much money out there, why not get your company involved in this digital world and start advertising to your customers or at least responding to them?

The one thing to note about email is that you must consider the landing page. People are going to click on the links within the email and if they are heading to poor landing pages, you will lose the sale. Action words and engaging content must fill that landing page or your entire email marketing campaign is not productive and a complete waste of time and money.

Update your email addresses often and try to clear out all the junk accounts. They only make it more challenging to get in touch with your customers. Designate at least 1-3 people to be over the email list in order to keep it cleaned up and to time the newsletters correctly.

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