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It Won't Happen Today

I guess we all want a successful online business. A business that will provide for ourselves and our families for the foreseeable future.

We all want the "work at the kitchen table, dressed in only your shorts, for just a few hours a day" dream business. We all want to work just when we want, taking time off for family and recreation whenever we feel the need.

Sound like a dream Well, you can make it come true, but the one quality you will definitely need is an ample supply of patience. It is not going to happen overnight. Sorry, but whatever you were told when you bought the very latest ebook or software, building a business takes time, effort and dedication.

Would you expect a brand new offline business to be a success literally overnight Of course you wouldn't, so why should an online business be any different

Many people see the promises of online riches at various sales oriented websites and believe that success will come to them virtually overnight. That is what the website owner wants you to believe - just buy my product then sit back and watch it all happen.

I should know. I've fallen for it many, many times during the last few years. It has cost me several thousand dollars to learn from my mistakes.

If you have never run an online business before, you have got a lot of reading and learning to do. Subscribe to some of the better known ezines, read them avidly and learn from them.

Whatever project you decide to run with, learn as much about it as you can before spending your hard-earned money. Talk to others in the same business and learn from their methods.

Before you make any investment, devise a plan that details how you will grow this business from scratch into one that will generate a significant income for you. How will you promote it Where will the income come from How will you reach potential clients How much will it all cost Plus a million other questions that you need to ask yourself ;-)

You should also realise that many of the more successful online entrepreneurs gain their incomes from more than one source. Multiple income streams is the name of the game these days. Several businesses all working in tandem towards a common goal. If one business should fail at any time in the future you are still deriving income from the others.

However, don't try to run before you can walk. One business at a time is more than enough for most of us!

So there you have it. Take your time, do your research, learn. You can have a successful online business, but it will take time.

by Dave Everett 2004 All Rights Reserved
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