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Making friends with other businesses, and how that can be mutually beneficial

If you are a small business owner you are probably already aware of the fact that you have two choices when it comes to other small business owners, your first choice is that you can become friends with them or you can totally ignore them. But something that you should know before you make your final decision is that there are quite a few advantages to becoming friends with other business, not to mention the fact that becoming friends with other businesses can benefit both your small business and their small business.

Here are some ways that making friends with other businesses can be mutually beneficial.

Number one:
Something that every small business owner is going to need at one point or another is advice. But the problem is that many times small business owners have no idea where they can go to receive small business advice so they end up just trying to work it out on their own. If you are a small business owner you are probably already trying to do everything by yourself and have realized that you might be in over your head. So rather than trying to struggle on you should think about approaching somebody for some small business advice. And by becoming friends with other small business owners you are going to have plenty of people to go to for advice. Not to mention the fact that it works both ways, if they come to you for advice on a certain problem you can brainstorm how to solve that problem and if you ever run into that problem with your business you will already have a heads up on it.

Number two:
Another way that making friends with other small business owners is helpful is that they can help you know what is going on in your community. Many times small business owners talk to each other about who is going out of business and why, not to mention who is going to be selling their business and why they are selling and by being friends with other business owners you will get this information first hand. But having this information is helpful in case you are thinking about expanding your business. But you also might find the "gossip" interesting and useful when it comes to knowing what your competition is doing. And by becoming friendly with other small business owners in your community you will have an inside view of what it is that your competition is doing.

Number three:
Another great reason that becoming friends with other small businesses is mutually beneficial is that you can band together to help protect your businesses from the larger businesses that can be trying to take over in your neighborhood. The best way to do this is to work together as a team and find out as much as you can about the larger businesses that are coming into your area and then finding ways to stick together to help stop the spread of those businesses. But even if you can't stop the larger companies from coming into your area you can still work together to keep your businesses open by going to each other for advice and help when times get rough.

Number four:
Another way to stay informed about business trends is to talk to other business owners in your industry in different parts of the world including your local area. Sometimes trends tend to hit heavily populated areas faster than they hit the less populated areas. So by joining a group with business owners in your line of business you can get a heads up on what you can expect to happen. Not to mention the fact that by staying on top of the trends you can assure yourself that you can offer your customers the newest technology or product as soon as it is available, which if you live in a small area can be a lot sooner than other places would offer it.

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