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The pros and cons of small business interns

businessmeeting33030104.jpgInterns can be a great asset to your small business but not if you think that all you are going to get out of the deal is some free labor.The potential benefits of having small business interns goes far beyond hiring someone to pick you up some lunch and answer the phones.If you need someone to do the mundane office tasks that you don't have time for hire a personal assistant.If you want the fresh ideas that an intern interested in following in your shoes has to offer, an intern may be the right choice.Interns tend to bring creativity and enthusiasm to work that is usually unmatched.An intern is an individual who has the potential to provide your business with the fresh ideas that you may exhausted a while ago.In exchange, your intern will receive valuable work experience that they can use to get that much more ahead when it comes time to look for a job.

If you are ready to start hiring some interns, be aware that the process of finding that golden intern is one of the cons of small business interns.While a good intern can prove invaluable to your business, a bad intern can really be a disaster.Finding the right intern for your small business is going to take some searching.Don't limit your search to the closest trade school or high school.Speak to the teachers or guidance counselors at several schools and take advantage of their knowledge of the students under their jurisdiction.They may know of a person who would be a good fit.Make sure you provide the educators with ample information about your business, your expectations of how many hours your interns will work, etc.

Once you start getting some resumes, look for interns who you think will be proactive and enthusiastic.Address any questions that your potential intern candidates may have.Check social networking sites to make sure that your candidates aren't keeping information from you.You can even run background checks.Yet, even with all of this prep work, you could end up hiring someone you will regret.The risk is there and your intern could either be a real winner or a serious disappointment.

One of the greatest advantages to having an intern is that you provide them with the experience and do not necessarily have to pay for their services.Some business owners feel guilty about not paying their interns and will therefore offer them an hourly wage or at least a daily stipend.Other business owners provide their interns with a nice gift at the end of their internship.The choice is yours, just keep in mind that money can motivate.

The type of work you give your interns will dictate the kind of return that you see from them.If you are thoughtful about the training and projects that you assign, you will reap the benefits of your intern's unique skill set and ideas.Limiting your interns or providing them with mundane tasks will only foster ill feelings and could do more harm than good.Make sure that you share your passion with your intern.Let them take part in something big, something that clearly contributes to the big picture of what you are trying to achieve with your business.Share your success with your interns and let them feel like they are a valuable part of your team.

The pros and cons of having inters for your small business lay largely in how you decide to treat those interns.So choose them wisely and treat them well.You may be surprised at what they can contribute.

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