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Why you should develop a mission statement

There are small businesses all over the world. A small business is usually one with about 100 employees are less. There are small businesses in all types of trades. Some of these small businesses are very successful and some are not. Even though a business is considered small, it needs to take some of the same steps as any other business (big or small) to be successful. One of the most powerful steps a small business can make is to develop a mission statement. This article will explain why a mission statement is important and why a small business should develop one.

What is a mission statement

A mission statement is actually a concise statement that states the purpose of a company. The main purpose of a mission statement is to remind the employees and make the customers aware of the company's purpose for being in business. Some businesses that have a mission statement may even use it as their advertising slogan. A good mission statement is one that can describe a small business' purposes and goals in less than about 30 seconds.

When to develop a mission statement

It is in the small business owner's best interest to write the mission statement at the very beginning. Some business owners write their mission statement before their business is even more than an idea. This will help them during the decision making process when they are making all of the different decisions that come with starting a business. Some small business owners chose to have their employees help develop the businesses mission statement. This can be a good idea too. The employees can bring up other ideas that the small business owner may have never thought of before and the employees may be able to feel more important to the small business. Employees who get an opportunity to help with the mission statement may also better understand what the small business is trying to do.

Why develop a mission statement

A small business needs to develop a mission statement for several reasons. Being a small business owner can be hard and some days will not be easy, having a mission statement can help remind the owner of their purpose for being in business and what their "mission" is so that each day they can work toward their mission. A mission statement can also help remind employees what the purpose is for the business to help them better serve the customer. Mission statements remind employees and owners alike about the goals for the small business. Also, customers or even investors (or future investors) can see the mission statement and have more confidence in the goods or services they are receiving or the goods and services they would like to invest in when they invest in this small business.

How to develop a mission statement

Mission statements are made up of a variety of elements. These elements can be in any order. A mission statement should include the plan, dream, or wish of the company as well as how the company plans to accomplish their goals or dreams. Somewhere in the mission statement the purpose and the values of the business should be stated. This could include things such as the products they will be selling or the services they will be rendering. Then the mission statement should include the company's responsibilities toward their customers and employees. The mission statement needs to have the main objectives that support the business in accomplishing their goals, dreams, or mission.

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