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You Don't Need to Be A Genius to Make More Money

If you dream of making more money or starting your own business, please continue reading, I am fairly certain you will really enjoy this article. I recently read an ebook on different ways to make money and not only found it informative but it caused me to really brainstorm on different money making ideas. The author of the ebook is Wayne Yeager and titled "1000 Ways to Make Money". With over 200+ pages of different money making ideas, I found most of the ideas are practical and easy ways to earn money but there are also several ideas that are a little more complex and risky. There is something for everyone here from the beginning entrepreneur to the crafty veteran business owner and everyone in between.

The only minor critique about his book I can make is some of the ideas are not really applicable to everyone. In fairness, Mr. Yeager discusses this exact critique in the opening page. Fortunately, with 1000 ideas, there are bound to be numerous ideas and opportunities applicable to every reader.

The book is written in an enjoyable easy to read format but it took me longer than usual to finish because I became consumed on thinking through some of the ideas and how I could change, expand or adjust them so they fit my style.

As an accountant, I am frequently asked for my opinion on various money making ideas. Usually, the majority of ideas are destined to lose money. Most anyone reading this book will come away with ideas they can use either to earn extra spending money or start a business.

I found most of the ideas to be low risk and low money which would be perfect for someone that wants to learn the ropes of being self-employed. Frankly, almost all of my employed and unemployed friends think of having their own business. This book provides ideas to give it a try without the high risk.

There are ideas on the riskier side and seem to have potential to be "home run" type ideas so the nice thing about this ebook is it covers all bases. Easy and quick money making ideas to high profit potential ideas and everything in between.

You will enjoy this book if you fall into any one of these categories:

1) You want to earn extra money 2) You dream of having your own business 3) You want ideas for making money 4) You need ideas to mold into your style 5) You enjoy reading money making books

In summary, "1000 Ways to Make Money" is one of my top 5 book purchases in the past two years as it is extremely thought provoking. I buy a lot of books so this is fairly high praise coming from me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

As Mr. Yeager says in his ebook "the way you solve your money problems is to find an idea that works and stick with it. And the best way to find an idea that works is to surround yourself with as many creative money-making ideas as you can get your hands on! " In my years of experience in the business world, I defiantly agree with this statement.

For more information on Wayne Yeager's ebook "1000 Ways to Make Money", please visit

Author: Tyler Martin Copyright: 2004
yler Martin is an accountant in San Jose, CA. He provides guidance to small business owners on taxes, QuickBooks and business planning. Please subscribe to his informative Money and Tax eNewsletter at

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