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How do I install additional network protocols like ipx or netbeui?

TCP/IP, IPX, and NETBEUI are all protocols that you can run a network with.The World Wide Web internet communicates using the TCP/IP protocol.This means a computer must also use this protocol if it wants to communicate using the web.However, you can install and use IPX or NETBUEI on your personal network.The advantages of using IPX or NETBUEI are that they do not require all of the hardware that TCP/IP requires and they can be easier to set up.

If you are only using a few computers and printers on a small local area network, then IPX or NETBUEI may be the best protocol for you to use.You will have to evaluate your specific needs.


However, IPX and NETBEUI have a few disadvantages too.IPX and NETBEUI may not support all applications all networking hardware may not support all protocols.This is because TCP/IP is so widely used that it is simply not worth the effort to make hardware 100% compatible with every protocol.Other disadvantages of IPX and NETBEUI are they are less efficient and less secure.


The advantage of using IPX and NETBEUI is that once they have been set up, they are very reliable and don't often fail.


Use the following paragraphs to install and run IPX.You will have to use another source to install NETBEUI.NETBEUI is very similar, but is no longer supported by Windows installed on your machine.

Open `Control Panel' and then click `Network Connections.'Right click on `Local Area Connection' and then left click on `Properties'.You will get a dialog box at this point.In the center of the dialog box you will see three buttons, `Install', `Uninstall', and `Properties'.Click on `Properties' and a second dialog box will appear.

Click on `Protocol' and then click the `Add' button.You should see a third dialog box now.Click on the `NWLink IPX/SPX.' protocol and then hit the `OK' button at the bottom of the dialog box.The computer will then install the protocol.

Now return to the `Properties' dialog box.The new protocol should be listed along with TCP/IP now.Click the `Close' button to get out of the dialog box.Most computers will need to reboot at this point for the installation to complete.If your computer requests you to reboot, do so.You will now have both TCP/IP and IPX installed on your computer.

You have now installed IPX and can start using it at this point.You have not installed NETBEUI yet.Microsoft no longer supports this protocol.However, if your situation demands NETBEUI you can find the drivers on the Windows XP CD-ROM.The process for installation is similar to the process described above.You can also find a specific description on the Microsoft support pages for NETBEUI installation.

NETBEUI and IPX have differences between them.Your specific issue will help you decide which protocol you want to install and use.However, the details of each protocol and the advantages and disadvantages of each are beyond the scope of this article.

Also, if you want to do anything on the internet, you must still use TCP/IP.Your computer can have both of these protocols installed at the same time.


In summary, TCP/IP is the standard network protocol for the World Wide Web, but specific issues on a small local area network can take advantage of IPX and NETBEUI protocols.Installation is very simple, but you will have to research the specifics of each protocol to decide which is best for your network.

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