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Using wireless networks

cables19108619.jpgIf you have a laptop, MP3 Player, Xbox, or another WiFi device, you know the importance of using wireless networks. Wireless networks are highly advanced from the old wires of the past. You no longer need to string wires to every device when you want to access the internet. Now, most devices come with WiFi technology so all you need to do is coordinate them with your network and you can use the device to connect to the internet anywhere within the signal range. Bluetooth is one technology that is a wireless device. They allow cell phones to broadcast to them within a short range.

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Wireless network protection

cubical32015774.jpgCompanies must be careful when they set up a wireless network because without proper protection, anyone can hack into it and compromise valuable information. There are several devices like laptops that detect wireless signals and they will automatically connect to them. A single Wi-Fi hub will transmit at a range of 300 feet. Here are a few reasons why you need to secure your wireless protection:

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If I let my neighbor share my WiFi can they see my network traffic?

If I let my neighbor share my WiFi, can they see my network traffic?The short answer is `maybe'.It all depends on how you have set up your network and what kind of protection you are using.If you have not taken precautions, more people than just your neighbor could be monitoring your traffic.

The term `WiFi' is a contraction of "wireless fidelity" and is commonly used to refer to wireless networking technology.There are many ways you can set up a wireless network and all of them will have a hub and/or switch and/or router.The key differences between these devices will determine whether others can see your traffic.

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