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Digital camera features you should have

Digital photography is probably the most popular form of photography today!Many people have switched from using film cameras to digital cameras.Digital cameras have a lot of different features and abilities which are very different from film cameras.For example, most digital cameras include an LCD screen, where you can see the picture that you are about to take, or the picture that you have just taken.This is a great digital camera feature which is something that you should have!In addition, there are other digital camera features that you should have on your digital camera.Here are a couple of digital camera features that you don't want to do without:

1) Optical zoom:Optical zoom is one of the important features that you should have on your digital camera!If you are interested in zooming in on the different subjects of your photos, then you really want to make sure that you have the optical zoom.The optical zoom is a feature which helps to physically move the lens of the camera away from the camera body, which will give the zoom-in effect on the subject.This is a much better option for you to use instead of digital zoom, which can have the subject of your picture end up looking blurry.Essentially, the digital camera takes a smaller section of your larger photo, and then blows it up to the regular photograph size - there is no movement of the lens to actually zoom-in on the subject!If you are interested in having high-quality photographs, and especially if you are interested in blowing-up your photos, then you will want to make sure that you have the optical zoom feature on your camera!This way, you should always have high quality close-ups of your photographic subjects!

2) Portability:Having a digital camera that you can carry around with you is a feature that you really should have!This smaller feature is especially helpful if you are a tourist or if you carry your camera around with you to different places.Many people even find that the pocket-size feature is the best level of portability that you can get with a digital camera!Of course, you may not want to have a pocket size version, but you definitely will want to be able to tote your camera around with ease!

3) High resolution:High resolution is a feature for your digital camera that you really should have!When you have a high resolution for your camera, you are able to have higher quality images that are not very pixelated.With high resolution, you also are able to blow up your pictures to a large size without destroying the quality of the picture.As you are shopping for a digital camera, make sure that you pick a camera which can handle a high resolution.

4) Settings and modes:If you are interested in doing fancy photographs with your camera, there are a lot of features that you really should have!For example, if you are interested in taking pictures of people playing sports, or if you are going for the "frozen in time" effect for your pictures, you should get a camera that has the sport or action mode.In addition, if you are interested in taking landscape pictures, you should get a camera that has the landscape mode feature!These features will help you to capture the best photograph possible!

There are a lot of digital camera features that you can choose from, and these are some of the features that you really should have on your camera!If you have other specific questions about the type of camera you should get, particularly if you are hoping to do specific things with your camera, then you should speak with a camera specialist or a photographer.

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