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Hands free headsets for reception, how to keep them in good repair

Because you hands free headsets that you are using for reception are a major investment for your company you are going to want to keep them in good repair. If you take a few precautions and follow some simple guidelines you can keep your hands free headsets in good repair, which will help to extend the life of your hands free headsets.

Here are some tips on how to keep your hands free headsets for reception in good repair.

Tip one:
When you are disconnecting the headset be sure to pull the quick disconnect and not the actual cords. By pulling the cords and not the quick disconnect you can cause the wires to short.

Tip two:
When you are taking your headset on and off throughout the day you should use a headset stand to hold the headset rather than laying it on a desk. Laying it on a desk increases the chances of it getting knocked off and stepped on, where as putting it on a stand lessens those risks and keeps it out of the way. You should also be gentle when taking your headset on and off, don't abuse the headset as that can cause it to loose its shape. Or you can buy a clip to hang on the side of your computer to hang the headset from.

Tip three:
No matter how tempting it is do not twist the cords while you are talking on the headset, this can lead to a shortened life of the headset because of the constant manipulating of the components inside the wires.

Tip four:
At the end of the day place the headset into a cloth bag or a box to help keep it clean from dust. This is also a good idea if you are going to be storing the headset for a long period of time.

Tip five:
Be sure to keep cords off the floor to avoid entanglement with chairs and feet. This will help prevent strain on the cords which can lead to shorts in the wire. You should also use the clothing clip that comes with the headset to help reduce strain on the cord.

Tip six:
Like most electronic items you want to protect the headset from any type of extreme temperatures. Too hot of temperatures can change the shape of the plastic and too cold of temperatures can weaken the headset's components.

Tip seven:
If your headset does need repair do not try and fix the headset yourself, even if you think you know what's wrong. Your best bet to getting it fixed is to take it to your headset vendor for assistance.

Tip eight:
Most headsets come with a microphone boom which will stop moving at a certain point, they have so much range of motion. If the microphone booms stops moving do not try and force it any further, you could end up breaking it.

Tip nine:
When you are storing the headset do not wrap the cord tightly. This causes unnecessary bending which will weaken the cord over a period of time. Instead coil the cord loosely for any type of storage.

Tip ten:
Always keep the microphone cushion on, if it wears out over time you should buy a new one. The cushion improves sound quality and protects the actual microphone from saliva, airborne particles and food.

Tip eleven:
You should also clean your headset periodically to remove dust, food, sweat, and makeup. When cleaning the headset use a slightly damp cloth. Be careful not to get any moisture inside the microphone or receiver elements and do not use any harsh chemicals or alcohol which can cause the plastic and cord to dry out.

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